Babylon 5: Soul Hunter

Panic erupts when a strange alien known as a soul hunter arrives on the station. Even worse, the soul hunter has targeted Delenn!

We are introduced to the new station doctor, Dr. Stephen Franklin, who replaces Dr. Kyle. We are also introduced to the interesting creatures soul hunters. This is an interesting episode since what soul hunters do is good or bad depending on your view of the after life. Too bad one of them has to take things too far . . .

We also find out that Delenn is a member of the Grey Council, the ruling body of Minbar. What is she doing on Babylon 5? It also seems the Minbari have a plan that involves using Sinclair for something. What could that something be? Does it have anything to do with the missing twenty-four hours in his mind?

Here is a lovely shot of a star fury with Babylon 5 in the background.


The first soul hunter. Too bad he is not exactly sane.


Dr. Stephen Franklin, the new doctor, is skeptical about what soul hunters can do.


Nagrath, leader of the Babylon 5 underworld. I’m including him just because he looks so unusual.


Here is the second soul hunter we are introduced to. At least this one is sane.


I think the souls like Delenn better than the soul hunter. And this look deffinately suits her better than the way she was in The Gathering.



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