Babylon 5: Born to the Purple

When Londo falls for a beautiful Centauri dancer, his secret Purple Files are stolen, putting the Centauri Republic in jeopardy. Ivanova also spends some private time with her father during his last moments.

We meet Adira, Londo’s love for the first time. Too bad she causes so many problems for him at first! We also meet G’Kar’s first assistant, Ko D’Ath. We also see a softer side of Ivanova as she says goodbye to her father. It seems their relationship was strained after the death of her mother and brother (he died in the Earth-Minbari War). And we also get a taste of how obsessive Garibaldi can be trying to track a thing down when he thinks something is not right. We also are introduced to Gold Channel.

Interesting costumes Sinclair and Londo choose when they go undercover. Sinclair really does know everything that goes on around Babyon 5, but Londo is the person to go to when it comes to ladies:p Sinclair was sweet to treat Talia to dinner after a difficult day of negotiations. I agree, she deserved it.

Meet Ko D’Ath. I don’t think G’Kar likes her very much.


Who knew that Vir is a gamer?


Andrei Ivanov, Susan’s Father. I’m glad they were able to reconcile a bit here at the end.


Londo sure is happy. I wonder why:p


Could it have something to do with Adira Tyree?


Sinclair and Londo undercover. Okay Sinclair, I think you are overplaying the part here a bit.



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