Babylon 5: Infection

When an old teacher and friend is less than forthcoming with Dr. Franklin, it is up to the good doctor to help find a way to stop a killing machine.

Okay, so this wasn’t the best episode, but there are a few memorable moments. The idea that no one is “pure” is an interesting one. Both Franklin and Sinclair’s words on the subject are well taken. We first hear about organic technology. We are introduced to ISN through a persistent reporter.We are introduced to Interplanetary Explorations. We also learn that Sinclair is reporter shy, but he ends up giving a beautiful speech on the need to go to space. And Garibaldi’s talk with Sinclair about what makes a hero is great. Keep an eye on the idea that it is easier to find something worth dying for than something worth living for.

Meet Mrs. Cramer, who is dogged in the pursuit of stories. Too bad the Commander keeps hiding from her.


Dr. Vance Hendricks, Dr. Franklin’s old teacher and friend. Too bad he isn’t forthcoming.


Hendrick’s assistant and partner in crime, Nelson Drake.


Franklin agrees to work with Hendricks. Too bad he later regrets it.


The machine of organic technology that attached itself to Nelson. Not the best design, but we do get the idea.



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