Babylon 5: The Parlament of Dreams

While the various races on board Babylon 5 demonstrate their major celebrations and beliefs, G’Kar must fight off an assassination attempt.

We meet several significant characters for the first time: G’Kar’s second aid Na’Toth, Delenn’s aid Lennier, and Sinclair’s old flame Catherine Sakai. Personally, I like Sheriden’s romance better, but then again it had longer to develop in all fairness. Still, I think overall Sheriden was more of a gentleman in that area, and I am an old-fashioned romantic. Got to love Na’Toth, a great foil for G’Kar. And for the first time we feel a twinge of sympathy for G’Kar. Got to love the way he and Na’Toth sent the assassin away! And the religious demonstrations are quite impressive.

On that note, we are introduced to the Centauri’s pantheon of gods, and the Minbari rebirth ceremony. that includes the first mention of the concept of the One. And Earth’s diversity is quite impressive.

Meet Na’oth, G’Kar’s new aid. She’s as tough as he is, but it’s good for G’Kar to have someone like her around.


The Centauri’s demonstration. Londo is enjoying himself a little too much here.


G’Kar doesn’t like assassins hunting him very much, or black roses. Can’t imagine why^^;


Lennier, Delenn’s shy new aid.


Catherine Sakai, Sinclair’s on-again-off-again flame. I think I like her better than Carolyn, but again not fair since she was only in the Pilot.


The Minbari Rebirth Ceremony. Very impressive.


The assassin Tu’Pari gets a little too into his job.


Earth’s demonstration of religious diversity: very impressive.



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