Babylon 5: Mind War

When an old friend comes to visit Talia with two Psi Cops on his tail, the station is put in danger. And Catherine Sakai faces danger of a different sort out at Sigma 957.

In this episode we meet Psi Cops for the first time, specifically the Psi Cop Bester played by Walter Koenig. Yes, this is where Babylon 5 becomes known as the show where Chekov goes bad^^; This episode really establishes the problems of Psi Corps that were only hinted at earlier. This is also the episode where JMS tried to get Talia onto Lyta’s arc. Talia gets a gift of telekenisis from Jason. Too bad it doesn’t work as well as Lyta’s connection with the Vorlons. Not Talia’s fault.

Catherine Sakai also gets some character development out at Sigma 957. We are introduced to the concept of the First Ones. And for the first time we see a nicer side of G’Kar. He actually waxes quite poetic during his discourse on the First Ones.

Trouble comes to the station in the form of Jason Ironheart.


Meet our favorie Psi Cop, Mr. Bester. He sure loves to be annoying.


Bester’s partner, Mrs. Kelsey. Too bad she doesn’t last long.


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a First One!


Mr. Garibaldi doesn’t like Bester very much. Can’t say I blame him. Bester is someone it is easy to love to hate.


Jason’s gift to Talia. I wonder what it could be?


According to G’Kar, we are ants^^;



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