Babylon 5: The War Prayer

When violence against aliens escalates on Babylon 5, Sinclair must root out those behind the attacks before the station becomes a war zone. Could an old flame of Ivanova’s have a connection? And Londo must deal with two runaway Centauri lovebirds.

In this episode, we are introduced to the concept of Home Guard. We also learn about Londo and his three wives and a bit more about Centauri culture. Ivanova takes over one of Takashima’s roles in having coffee plants on station that should not be there:p We also see Vir be assertive for the first time. And G’Kar shows his leadership skills. Too bad it is to almost incite a riot.

You have to love Kiron and Aria. They are such a cute couple! And it is hilarious that Vir told his family back home that he is ambassador. Londo’s wives have such great nick-names: pestilence, famine, and death! Londo’s speech about his shoes not fitting and his final decision regarding Kiron and Aria is very touching. Finally, I suspect that this incident with Malcolm Biggs is not the first time Ivanova has been burned. No wonder she has trouble making romantic attachments.

This is Delenn’s friend Shaal Mayan. She seems like such a nice person, it’s too bad Home Guard attacked her. At least she survived. Maybe she will one day write a poem about the experience.


Garibaldi doesn’t smile too much, so I have to include this one that is a result of teasing Ivanova.


The two love birds Kiron and Aria. Kiron is Vir’s nephew, and the two have fled to Babylon 5 to their uncle to escape arranged marriages.


Ivanova’s old flame Malcolm Biggs. Too bad he is now a leader in Home Guard.


Ivanova doesn’t smile too much either, so I have to include this picture. Too bad she isn’t smiling at the end.


Vir is scared of Londo’s wives just by looking at their pictures. No wonder Londo is so inspired by them to stay on Babylon 5!


La, G’Kar, but your voice is piercing!


Londo arranges things so Kiron and Aria can eventually get married within the confines of Centauri tradition. How sweet!



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