Babylon 5: And the Sky Full of Stars

Sinclair is captured by two “Knights” to find the truth behind the missing twenty-four hours in his mind and what really happened at the Battle of the Line.

So this is one of my favorite episodes. We finally get some answers about the Battle of the Line. Sinclair was captured and tortured by the Minbari. Now Sinclair is aware of this, though he hides it from Delenn. Not that I blame him. We are still left wondering, along with Sinclair, about why he was released and why the Minbari surrendered. We also find out that Dr. Franklin used to hitch-hike around the galaxy, trading his services as a doctor for passage. During the war he was told to hand over any notes he had on the Minbari for biological and genetic warfare, but the good doctor destroyed his notes since these orders went against his consience.

This is a very interesting episode visually. The scenes between Knight Two and Sinclair are rather minimal, and the flashbacks are surreal, both of which are very fitting. And the scene where Delenn tries to calm Sinclair down is wonderful. As is the ending scene where Sinclair says he doesn’t remember anything, then Delenn gets a visit from another member of the Grey Council. Oh, they don’t want Sinclair to remember what happened, at least not yet, but as we learn in Points of Departure and In the Beginning, I doubt they would have been able to bring themselves to kill Sinclair if he had remembered. And then the final scene where we learn Sinclair really does remember, wonderful.

Knight One, who keeps an eye on things outside.


Knight Two, who plays with Sinclair’s mind.


Mitchel, Sinclair’s friend who was killed on the Line.


Mr. Garibaldi’s second in command.


What does Sinclair see on the Line?


Minbari aren’t too kind to prisoners.


The Grey Counsel. What do they want with Sinclair.


What was Delenn doing there ten years ago?



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