Babylon 5: Deathwalker

When a war criminal comes offering immortality, Sinclair is caught between competing factions on Babylon 5. Meanwhile, Talia is hired by Kosh for some interesting negotiations.

It really is an intriguing choice that is offered here: give Deathwalker justice for all her crimes, or negotiate with her for her serum for immortality. Sinclair really is given an impossible choice, especially once the true nature of the serum is found out. And Lennier too is put in a difficult position, due to one of the warrior cast clans harboring Deathwalker.

It also seems Vorlons are rather mistrustful of telepaths that have not been further altered by then. Hence, the reason for his employment of Mr. Abbut’s services. Kosh really was busy in this episode as compared to usual. And we are left to wonder again about what Vorlons really are and what their motivations really are. We do learn, however, learn the Vorlon saying about how understanding is a three edged sword.

One highlight for me is how Ivanova cleverly stalls the ships from the Non-Aligned Worlds by getting them to argue about who had the best right to extradite Deathwalker.

Mr. Abbut, a living computer.


Deathwalker loves manipulating people as much as she loves experimenting on them.


G’Kar is sympathetic to Na’Toth’s blood feud with Deathwalker, and agrees to help her with it . . . once the secret of the serum is discovered.


Talia inside her own mind.


Kosh really has been a busy guy this episode.



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