Babylon 5: Believers

The only way to save a boy is to operate, which goes after his parent’s beliefs. Sinclair is caught between Dr. Franklin and the parents. Meanwhile, Ivanova goes to rescue a damaged transport.

This episode may not be the most epic or most important as far as story goes, but the ideas it explores makes it one of the most powerful of the series. Both Dr. Franklin and the parents feel that their beliefs are the right one. How does one decide between them? Thus is Sinclair put in an impossible position when the ambassadors refuse to act on behalf of the parents. Though like Sinclair, I don’t blame them. The reasons they give are interesting. G’Kar won’t act since they have nothing to offer in exchange politically, Londo won’t because he can’t justify the expense for non-Centauri, Kosh while cryptic as ever clearly refuses to intervene, and Delenn follows the probably wise Minbari policy of not interfering in matters of belief because the Minbari policy of not allowing others to interfere with their beliefs. And what exactly belief is and how we react to the beliefs of others is also explored in a fascinating way. Dr. Franklin and his assistant Dr. Hernandez do a wonderful job of exploring this. And yes, Dr. Franklin’s belief that life is precious and must be preserved whenever possible is as much a belief as a religion from my perspective.

The ending is sad, but I think that was inevitable. Ivanova’s story is a nice contrast. She goes against orders just like Dr. Franklin does, but with happier results.

Shon’s parents love their child, but won’t violate their religious principles.


Dr. Franklin gives Shon some harmless gunk to play with.


I hope Dr. Franklin has learned from this experience.



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