Babylon 5: Survivors

The station is busy getting ready for the President’s arrival, and who should be in charge of Presidential security but the daughter of an old friend of Garibaldi who now has a vendetta against the chief of security.

We learn some about Michael’s past, including at least part of the reason why he has a drinking problem. It is sad that after apparently several years dry, he takes this episode to get drunk again. It is funny early on in the episode, though, when he is upset and says he wants a drink, he asks for “water, straight up”! We also see how loyal Sinclair is to his friends, and that that there are definitely problems back on Earth if someone wants President Santiago dead. We also get a look at what not forgiving can do as Lianna Kemmer goes after Garibaldi with more than necessary pleasure and vigor.

All in all, a good episode.

The daughter of Garibaldi’s old friend, Lianna Kemmer. Too bad she’s never forgiven Garibaldi for her father’s death.


Cutter, Kemmer’s assistant. Too bad he’s secretly Home Guard.



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