Babylon 5: By Any Means Necessary

After a fatal accident kills a dock worker, the workers go on strike, throwing Babylon 5 into turmoil. And Londo interferes with G’Kar’s most holy religious ceremony.

In this episode, we get a closer look at the Docker’s Guild. It is a very interesting commentary on worker’s rights and strikes and such. I can understand why they are government workers, given the nature of Babylon 5, but the government sure was unresponsive to their needs and addressing what they saw as problems. We also get some foreshadowing with Senator Hidoshi’s comments to Sinclair about making enemies at home. We also get some insight into Narn religions, which we did not get in The Parliment of Dreams. Interesting that G’Kar and Na’Toth do not share the same beliefs. And while we’ve seen G’Kar be somewhat nice in Mind War, this is the first episode where we truly sympathize with him.

Highlights include the interactions between G’Kar and Londo (as always). Also, the scene where G’Kar, Londo, and the reporter burst into C&C and Sinclair has Ivanova chase them out is perfect. Sinclair’s solutions to both the strike and G’Kar and Londo’s squabble is brilliant. And I love some of the guests they brought in for this episode.

Eduardo Delviento, dock foreman and disgruntled worker. Not that I blame him given that his brother died in a preventable accident.


Londo is enjoying teasing G’Kar a little too much, perhaps.


Orin Zento, government labor negotiator and not a very nice person.


Neeoma Connally, who represents the Docker’s Guild and a tough advocate for worker’s rights.


G’Kar finally celebrates the most holy day of G’Quan.



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