Babylon 5: Signs and Portents

A mysterious man comes on station asking all the ambassadors the same question. Raiders strike again, and a Centauri artifact causes problems. Sinclair asks Garibaldi for help.

Here we go, the episode that season one is named after. This is the first episode that starts pushing the series in a different direction.

First, we have Mr. Morden, who asks all the ambassadors the same question: What do you want? The responses are interesting. G’Kar would love to crush the Centauri, but really has no other ambition beyond that as long as his people are safe. Delenn firsts questions the question, then throws Morden out when she realizes who he is. Moden and Kosh get into a fight. Actually, Morden probably never gets a chance to ask Kosh his question. Londo, ah Londo, says he wants the Centauri to be as they once were. This is exactly what Morden and his “associates” are looking for. Londo eventually very much regrets the answer that he gave.

Speaking of Delenn, she is building something in her quarters. And we are introduced to the concept of jump points.

Sinclair decides to confide to Mr. Garibaldi what he remembers about what happened on the Line, and asks for help in finding out the rest. Garibaldi of course is happy to help and listen. He doesn’t find out much at this point. He does come across one thing, however. The Minbari signed onto the Babylon Project with the proviso they could veto who was in charge. They vetoed everyone until they got to Sinclair.

Finally, Londo’s story. Londo manages to get his hands on a priceless Centauri artifact, the Eye, that belonged to the first Emperor. A friend, Lord Kiro, comes with his Aunt, Lady Ladira, to pick it up. Lady Ladira is a prophetess, a not uncommon thing among the Centauri apparently. She long ago said that Lord Kiro would be killed by Shadows. And she says that Babylon 5 will be destroyed. Indeed, the raiders get wind of the Eye, and place Babylon 5 in danger. Thankfully Sinclair is able to out maneuver them. But before Lady Ladira leaves, she says the present danger may be gone, but the future she saw still remains.

Perhaps it is Londo’s reminiscing about the good old days with Lord Kiro that prompts him to give Morden the answer that he does. In any case, Lord Kiro wants to become Emperor himself, and is the one who contacted the Raiders to help him. The Raiders of course don’t play along with him once they have both Lord Kiro and the Eye in custody. Then a huge black shape comes out and destroys them. So Lord Kiro was killed by “Shadows”.

Morden gives Londo back the “Eye”, and Londo is so grateful, you just know that he will be receptive to Morden in the future. And so the wheel starts to turn.

Lady Ladira gets lots of headaches. Seeing the future must not be much fun.


Lord Kiro, too ambitious for his own good.


What is Delenn building in her room?


As a member of the Grey Council, Delenn recognizes Morden for what he is, and the danger he represents.


Mr. Morden, a very friendly guy with an offer that is too good to be true.


The Shadows make their first appearance.



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