Babylon 5: TKO

An old friend of Garibaldi’s wants to enter a dangerous alien tournament. An old Rabbi and friend of the family encourages Ivanova to finally grieve for her father.

There are two main parts to this episode. You have Garibaldi’s part with his friend Walker Smith, and Ivanova’s part with Rabbi Koslov. I don’t think any one enjoys the former as much. As someone who has taken some Taekwondo, I get the point, but it doesn’t really serve to push forward the characters or story very much. The one good part about Walker Smith is him saving Garibaldi from being knifed in the back, and as he leaves telling Garibaldi to watch his back. Talk about foreshadowing. And Walker Smith’s back story about being framed by those who organized the fights since he wouldn’t cheat is kind of inter sting.

Ivanova’s story, on the other hand, really pushes her character forward. It isn’t easy always to mourn for someone, especially if the relationship with them was complicated, like Ivanova’s was with her father. Still, Rabbi Koslov and Sinclair are right that the grieving process is important to go through. And I am glad that Ivanova had a chance to remember some of the good things about her father. Everyone has some good in them and it is good to recognize it.

Rabbi Koslov, as an old friend of an Ivanov family, is concerned about Susan.


Walker Smith, Garibaldi’s friend and former champion fighter, is on Babylon 5 to prove himself in alien tournaments.


Ivanova enjoying herself with a book when she’s not on duty. Then Rabbi Koslov pays a visit and makes her think about things she would rather not.


The most honorable Muta-Do, former champion and supervisor of the Mutai games.


Caliban, an alien who is sympathetic and helps Walker enter the Mutai.


Sho-Rin, the current champion of the Mutai.



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