Babylon 5: Grail

A seeker comes on board, a good man is caught between a rock and a hard place, and a na’ka’leen feedeer causes havoc on board as it helps a criminal by posing as Ambassador Kosh.

So in this episode, we are introduced to the idea of true seekers, which the Minbari regard very highly. What ever you can say about Aldous Gajic, yes the idea of spending a life time looking for the Holy Grail would ordinarily be considered crazy, he is a true seeker. I love his talk with Jinxo about why he became a true seeker. And I think that Delenn is right in saying that Sinclair is a true seeker as well. Only in his case, he is looking for a purpose, a cause he can devote himself to. We are also introduced to Jinxo, and how he worked on every Babylon station, and he feels he can’t leave Babylon 5 because whenever he left one of the other stations, it was destroyed or disapeared.

Then there is the story about the na’ka’leen feeder. Londo’s reaction when he finds out one is on board is very amusing, though I can see why he is so worried given how dangerous they are. Still, Garibaldi doesn’t miss a chance to tease Londo about it after the fact. I wonder how Deuce managed to convince a feeder to work for him. I’m sure Kosh knew what was going on, but decided Sinclair could handle it. And his little talk with Sinclair afterwards, perfect. And Vir is a bit too efficient for Londo’s taste.

Finally, we get a glimpse of the Babylon 5 judicial system, and the case of a human suing an alien for the abduction of his great-grandfather is just too funny!

Jinxo, a man who is either extraordinarily unlucky or lucky.


Aldous Gajic, a true seeker. Too bad he died in the episode.


A na’ka’leen feeder, with a copy of Kosh’s encounter suit behind him. Okay, so I can’t blame Londo entirely for being so scared of them.



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