Babylon 5: Eyes

A Colonel comes on board with a telepath to determine the loyalty of the Babylon 5 crew. He has a particular dislike for Sinclair, and Ivanova wants nothing to do with telepaths.

i don’t like Colonel Ari Ben Zayn. We aren’t meant to like him. He doesn’t like Sinclair, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that he was in the top ten to command Babylon 5, but was passed over. He starts out seeming perhaps on the ultra-strict and straight side, but perhaps bearable, but he quickly turns the investigation into a witch hunt, questioning everything Sinclair has done. This is part of the repercussions for Mind War and By Any Means Necessary. Bester said as he left, “Be seeing you.” And the Senator warned Sinclair that he ruffled major feathers in the way he ended the strike.

This is all a reflection of the direction things are going on Earth. This is the first time we hear about the group Free Mars.

Interestingly enough, for all the problems Ivanova has with the telepath Harriman Grey, he is actually quite a decent person and is the first telepath we have seen and liked since Lyta and Talia. He even ends up helping to save the day. And whatever you can say about Psi Corps, Mr. Grey has made the best of things within those confines for himself.

Going back to Ivanova, she goes a bit berserk before  Garibaldi calms her down a bit. She had certainly been having a rough day, though. This includes a nightmare in which she sees her mother being drugged by Psi Corps and then Ivanova is in her mother’s place. Very surreal, appropriate for a dream. And very much foreshadowing things.

Finally, I have to applaud the most amusing part of the whole episode (thank goodness, since much of it was serious and tense), Lennier discovering through Mr. Garibaldi the delights of motorcycles. Who would have thought? And the last scene with Garibaldi and Lennier racing down the corridor  on the motorcycle is priceless!

Colonel Ari Ben Zayn, we are not sorry to see him leave. I hope he spends a good long time in an institution.

Harriman Grey, on the other hand, is a very nice guy. Him, I am sorry to see leave.

Zayn and Sinclair go head to head.

Garibaldi and Lennier getting ready to try out the motorbike:)


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