Babylon 5: Legacies

When the body of a Minbari war leader goes missing on Babylon 5, the Minbari Warrior caste cause problems for Sinclair. Talia and Ivanova argue over the future of a young telepath.

It is nice to meet the warrior cast finally. It is interesting to see the similarities and the differences between religious and warrior. Delenn has a core as hard as any warrior, and even Neroon can be a little open minded. It is also interesting that even someone like Neroon doesn’t know the reason for the Minbari surrender at the Battle of the Line. This is also the first time we hear of the warrior caste’s tradition of opening gun ports as a sign of respect. And we see Delenn with her crystals again.

A funny part is Geribaldi getting up close and personal with the Pak’ma’ra. And Na’Toth is a nut asking about Alisa’s teeth.

And speaking of Alisa, she is a telepath who just became active. To say Talia and Ivanova disagree on what should happen to her is putting it mildly. And it is true that Psi Corps would take care of Alisa’s physical needs, definitely a consideration since Alisa is an orphan. And Ivanova does have a hard time coming up with alternatives to Psi Corps. The Narn would love to have Alisa, but Narn’s minds aren’t the most comfortable, and there is the question of how the Narn would really treat her. Going with the Minbari is probably the best option for Alisa. That is what I would choose, at least. Afterwards, Talia and Ivanova both admit they didn’t act the best over the situation, and start being more friendly towards each other. And Alisa not only sees where the body is, but also what Delenn is working on in her quarters: crystalis.

The proud warrior Neroon.

Alisa Beldon is happy to go to Minbar.


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  1. Rosie on

    Interesting episode – especially in regard to the relationship between Delenn and Neroon. God knows I love Delenn, but amongst of her failings have always been her arrogance and her belief that she knows best. And these failings will get her into trouble in the future.

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