Babylon 5: A Voice in the Wilderness I

When Epsilon 3 begins having unusual activity on the surface, Sinclair and Ivanova investigate and make an amazing discovery. Pro-Mars independence groups try to gain control of the planet. Delenn has a visit from an old friend.

So we finally get to the first of the two part episodes for Babylon 5. First, Delenn’s old friend Draal. It is sad he feels there is nothing more he can do for his people. And we learn of the Minbari practice of “going to the sea” in such situations. Draal is an excellent character, actually very caring, but a bit crotchety on the outside. Londo’s discussion about the Hokey Poky is hilarious.

The unrest on Mars gets different reactions from different people. Garibaldi is particularly affected since an old flame, Lise Hampton, is on Mars and he can’t reach her. In desperation, he turns to Talia, since years earlier he and Sinclair discovered a secret Psi Corps base there. Talia is rather reluctant to help at first since it seems Garibaldi’s been stalking her recently (rather funny actually). But when she realizes that Garibaldi is serious, she agrees to find out what she can.

Meanwhile, Epsilon 3, the planet by Babylon 5 has an unusual amount of seismic activity lately. When the initial survey team almost doesn’t make it back, Sinclair becomes more and more suspicious, especially when it appears that whatever is causing the disruptions is mechanical in nature. Also, Sinclair is haunted by a figure calling for help. The Command Staff is particularly concerned because Epsilon 3 is supposed to be a sterile planet since if anything happens, Babylon 5 can’t move unlike a ship.

When Ivanova and Sinclair make it down below the surface of the planet, they discover highly advanced technology (centuries if not millennia ahead of Earth), and an alien, Varn, the one who has been calling out to Sinclair.

We are left with something new coming through the jump gate at this critical time.

Garibaldi gets a little too much enjoyment from stalking poor Talia.

Delenn greets her old mentor and friend, Draal.

The Great Machine really is quite impressive.

Varn inside the Great Machine.


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