Babylon 5: A Voice in the Wilderness II

Without a caretaker, the Great Machine on Epsilon 3 counts down to destruction, dooming Babylon 5 with it. The Hyperion arrives, complicating the situation. Draal makes a decision. The conflict on Mars dies down.

Here is the second half of this two part episode. First, Captain Pierce of the Hyperion arrives. Bad enough that this alerts the other races to the fact that something is up, but Captain Pierce is not very diplomatic and is rather hot headed too. Sinclair quickly clashes with him, especially when Captain Pierce tries to take command of the sector away from Sinclair — something Sinclair had been guaranteed by the President.

Meanwhile, Epsilon 3 continues to deteriorate, and Varn confirms the worst suspicions. He has been sick for a while, loosing control and concentration over the Great Machine, thus the earlier seismic activities. With no one controlling the Great Machine, it counts down to destruction. Draal, with Delenn, and Londo become involved when Varn calls out to them. They decide to go down to Epsilon 3 with Varn to save the situation. And in true Babylon 5 fashion, the last of Varn’s race arrive claiming Epsilon 3 for their own. Unfortunately, they are outcasts and violent. In the end, Draal agrees to take over custody of the Great Machine, with Varn using his remaining days to teach him. Draal quickly ends the fighting around the planet.

Fighting dies down on Mars, and Garibaldi finally gets a hold of his old flame, Lise Hampton. He is finally ready to make a serious commitment with her, but she is already married. Poor Garibaldi! And Sinclair’s position is also finally reaffirmed by EarthGov.

One episode highlight is the Hyperion, a very nice looking ship. I still prefer Minbari style, though. Ivanova’s response to Londo when he pesters her about what is going on is too funny! And Varn’s speech to Delenn about the Great Machine is beautiful.

The Hyperion, Earth Alliance heavy cruiser.

Captain Pierce is definitely hawkish.

Draal considers what he must do.

Lise Hampton, Garibaldi’s old flame. Too bad she’s married now that he’s ready to commit!


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