Babylon 5: Babylon Squared

Babylon 4 reappears. Sinclair and Garibaldi go investigate. Delenn gets a tempting offer from the Grey Council.

Sorry I have been going slower on these. I will try to get up to at least two episodes a week.

Okay, this is one of my favorite episodes and it is stuffed with important details and such that won’t make sense until the other half, War Without End, is shown in season three.

First, the comic moments. Garibaldi and Sinclair’s trick on Ivanova, teasing her about her dislike of mornings, is classic! And Garibaldi is a nut. Okay, so riding in a shuttle for three hours with nothing to do is no doubt boring, but he is reduced to discussing with Sinclair how they put on pants. (I’m a fasten, zip person myself).

Now, on to some more serious parts. Delenn is called before the Grey Council. They have been without an official leader, being lead for the past ten years by the Grey Council. And now they want Delenn to be the next leader. But Delenn doesn’t want to leave Babylon 5. She feels her work there isn’t done. The speech she gives about humans is very insightful and beautiful. Our diversity is our greatest strength and weakness. And her friend’s comments about signs and portents is also very telling. And he gives her a triluminary. It seems there are three and that whether she should have one or not, Delenn will need one shortly. We’ve seen one before in “And the Sky Full of Stars”. We have yet to see the repercussions of Delenn refusing to lead the Grey Council, but we will. We also learn that the Grey Council ended the Earth-Minbari War because Valen, their greatest historical figure, said they would meet a race and some of them have a destiny the Minbari cannot interfere with. Delenn has been trying to determine if humans are this race, and if so why.

The main part of the story is the sudden reappearance of Babylon 4 after disappearing four years earlier. First, sector fourteen has an unusual concentration of tacheon emissions The pilot who is sent out to investigate manages to return to Babylon 5 on autopilot, but dies of old age before returning to the station. Then they get contacted by Babylon 4. The station is loosing power and is unstuck in time and the people there need to be evacuated. Luckily, only a skeleton crew is aboard. Sinclair and Garibaldi head up the rescue effort.t

While on Babylon 4, both Sinclair and Garibaldi have a time flash. In Sinclair’s, Babylon 5 is being overrun. Garibaldi is holding a last stand to let some last people get off the station before it is destroyed. He wants Sinclair to get off, but a confused Sinclair doesn’t want to leave. Garibaldi goes back to his last fight with Lise Hampton before leaving Mars for Babylon 5. But everything happens exactly as he remembers it.

Also on station, the commanding officer, Major Krantz, introduces Sinclair and Garibaldi to an unusual alien named Zathras. Zathras isn’t from their time, and he is with whoever is causing all the strange things to happen on Babylon 4, including becoming unstuck in time. This is the first we hear of the One. Zathras says they need Babylon 4 for a big war, and if they don’t all will be destroyed. But it is unclear when this war is. Zathras calls someone in a spacesuit that keeps phasing in and out the One. After pushing Sinclair out of the way of a falling beam, he tells Sinclair to go since he has a destiny. Then the person in the space suit appears again and saves him. As Sinclair and Garibaldi leave on the last shuttle, someone tells Garibaldi to watch his back. It is an old Sinclair who says everything is happening just as he remembered it. Delenn is also there, but we only see her hand and hear her voice.

I like Sinclair calling Babylon 4 a Flying Dutchman. That is certainly what it is. And we have to wait until season three to understand what really happened to Babylon 4.

Minbari war cruiser and shuttle. The only ship I like better we don’t see until season three.

Babylon 4 is here today, but where will it be tomorrow?

Major Krantz is rightly very worried about what has happened on Babylon 4. I hope he and his people can adjust to living four years in the future.

Zathras knows a lot more than he’s telling. A very interesting and mysterious character.

Sinclair from the future?


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