Babylon 5: The Quality of Mercy

Talia is involved in the sentence of a murderer. Franklin investigates a questionable doctor in down below. Londo shows Lennier a new side of Babylon 5.

First off, the combination of Londo and Lennier is hilarious. Talk about opposites! Lennier is a little too shelter and naive still. Well, experience is sometimes the best teacher, and I guess the day was successful since I think Lennier did learn some new things. It isn’t surprising that Londo would cheat at gambling. What is a bit surprising is the way in which he does it. We learn more about Centauri anatomy than we want, about which we too will take a vow of silence. We also learn that Minbari usually don’t lie, but it is honorable to lie to help someone else save face and that Minbari can’t drink alcohol without going into a homicidal rage.

Poor Talia, being a telepath can’t be a fun thing. Especially at times like this when she has to go into the mind of a killer. I have to admit the idea of punishing criminals like that by wiping out their personality and giving them a new, benign one and then putting them to work helping the community they harmed is an intriguing one. Karl Mueller is one creepy guy, and I am not sorry to see the last of him.

The main story is Dr. Franklin’s discovery of a questionable doctor down below. He finds out about her because he operates a free clinic down below himself and he becomes suspicious when the number of people coming to him drops off significantly. Dr. Laura Rosen’s story is a sad one, and one that foreshadows later events. She became so worried about keeping up with work she started taking stims. This, however, didn’t really help things. When someone died, her license was revoked. She’s been searching for a way to redeem herself ever since. This is the first time we hear of the Alien Healing Device. The only problem is it takes the life force of one person to heal another. It was once used as a form of capital punishment, using the lives of criminals to save those who were terminally ill. Dr Rosen herself doesn’t care about this, since she has a terminal illness herself. And much to the skeptical Dr. Franklin’s surprise, it actually works quite well.

No offense Lennier, but Londo is probably the last person I would trust on Babylon 5.

Karl Mueller is not only a hardened criminal, he is probably clinically insane as well.

Dr. Laura Rosen’s Alien Healing Device actually works. But is it what she needs to redeem herself?

Janice Rosen, Laura’s daughter and very protective of her mother.


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