Babylon 5: Revelations

Sheridan gets a visit from his sister and we learn more about the new Captain. G’Kar comes back warning of a coming darkness, but will anyone believe him? Delenn returns transformed. And Garibaldi finally awakes.

Another excellent episode, chock full of good stuff.

Sheridan’s sister Elizabeth comes. He is glad to see her, but it is also painful. She was long Anna Sheridan’s best friend before Anna married John. Anna went missing two years earlier and is presumed dead and John blames himself since he was too busy and into work, not even remembering to tell her that he loved her the last time they spoke. Elizabeth is able to put this idea to rest thanks to her last message from Anna, and John is finally able to say a good-bye of sorts.

G’Kar returns to the station warning of a coming darkness. Unfortunately, not even his own government is entirely convinced. But the Narn Regime has agreed to send one ship to Za’ha’dum, homeworld of the Shadows. Unfortunately, he makes the mistake of telling Londo (among a few others) about this. Morden had already talked with a very grateful Londo, going so far as to promise other “demonstrations” as needed, though not taking out the Narn homeworld. In return, he wants news about anything unusual on the Rim, where Za’ha’dum is. Wanting to pay his debt to Morden, Londo tells about this expedition of the Narn. The ship is destroyed and nothing is conclusively proved.

Delenn also finally emerges from her cocoon. She is now half-human/half-Minbari, in an attempt to further unite with the humans, the other half of the Minbari collective soul. Everyone is stunned, especially Sheridan.

In desperation, Dr. Franklin asks Sheridan for permission to use the alien healing machine to save Garibaldi. Sheridan insists on sharing the danger in the procedure. Garibaldi wakes up, and is very surprised at the changes that have taken place since he was shot. Not able to remember what happened, he asks Talia to help see if he missed anything. It was Garibaldi’s second, Jack, that did the deed. When questioned by Garibaldi, he denies being a part of Homeguard and gives the Psi Corps solute that Bester gave. Whatever is going on is very big since Jack and all the evidence regarding President Santiago’s assassination have all been disapeared by the end of the episode, much to Sheridan and Ivanova’s dismay.

On a final note, it is funny how they got Jack out of security command central. They said Delenn was out of her cocoon and had wings like a butterfly! As if that would really happen!

G’Kar escapes the Shadow’s allies to warn Babylon 5.

Elisabeth, Sheridan’s younger sister who is not afraid to speak her mind.

The new, improved Delenn. I like it:)


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