Babylon 5: A Distant Star

An explorer ship, the Cortes, passes through, with an old friend of Sheriden on board. When the Cortez runs into trouble in hyperspace, Keffer sees something in hyperspace while on his way to the rescue.

Captain Manyard brings the explorer class ship the Cortes by Babyon 5. He was Sheridan’s first commanding officer, and boy do they have stories to share about each other! Unfortunately, Manyard’s visit makes Sheridan restless. He wants to go exploring on the Rim too!

Meanwhile, in one of the funnier scenes, Dr. Franklin is putting the whole command staff on a “food plan”. No one likes this idea. Garibaldi wants his pasta, Ivanova wants her salads, and Sheridan wants his meat and potatoes! They try to switch with each other, but Dr. Franklin is keeping his eyes on his reluctant patients. Garibaldi finds this “meal plan” particularly aggravating. He always makes Banga Cauda for his birthday, since that is what his father always did. He even has made special arrangements to get all the ingredients fresh from Earth, and now Dr. Franklin wants to stop his party! Fortunately, once the good doctor understands the meaning this has for Garibaldi, he relents . . . as long as Garibaldi shares with him!

Sheridan isn’t the only one questioning where he is right now. The Minbari on Babylon 5 are questioning Delenn’s change. Is she even Minbari any more? When Sheridan and Delenn talk about their challenges, Delenn gives her famous “star stuff” speech, one of the best on the show. Sheridan is impressed.

Back to Captain Manyard, he tells stories of things seen on the Rim or in hyperspace. While in hyperspace, the Cortes has a malfunction and looses it’s ability to detect the hyperspace beacon, meaning they are lost with little chance of finding their way out by themselves. Babylon 5 hears their mayday, and sends fighters, each one going in a little bit further to look for the ship. This is the first time we hear of the ancient Egyptian blessing: “May God stand between you and all the empty places where you must walk.” Keffer is naturally on the scene, along with his flight commander Dallas. Just as they find the Cortez, a Shadow ship appears. Dallas is killed, and Keffer is damaged. He manages to let the Cortez know the right way to find the line of ships leading out. Eventually, he manages to make is way out as well. And now Keffer is leader of Zeta squadron. He is also very interested in what killed Dallas.

Captain Manyard, a very laid back guy.

The Cortes, explorer class ship.

Manyard and Sheridan enjoy swapping old stories . . . or not. “July 12th, 2253.”

It’s not a diet, it’s a “meal plan”.


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