Babylon 5: The Long Dark

A visitor from the past gets the attention of everyone on the station when murders start taking place.

Babylon 5 encounters an old, deep range ship, the Copernicus. There are two people in cryogenic suspension, one of them, Mariah Cirrus, is still alive. Her husband, Will, is dead. And after further investigation, it appears he was murdered. Mariah, naturally, is the chief suspect. Dr. Franklin gets a little to friendly with her, in my opinion, even if she is prone to faining spells.

In the mean time, a lurker named Amis keeps causing disturbances, prophesying the end of the world, darkness coming, etc. and so forth. He attracts Garibaldi’s attention. But when Garibaldi digs deeper, it seems Amis is actually a war hero from the Earth-Minbari War. Garibaldi also had some experiences in the war that makes him think Amis isn’t just raving. His unit was wiped out, and it wasn’t by the Minbari.

Mariah is disturbed by dreams. Both Mariah and Amis are drawn to a darkness on the station. It is a Dark Servant. It fed on Will, and now is trying to draw in Mariah and Amis. With their help, Sheridan and his people are able to take it out.

It seems the Dark Servant, which is recorded in G’Kar’s holy book along with the Shadows, was trying to go to the same area G’Kar checked out earlier: Za’ha’dum.

Franklin and Mariah’s conversation about what had happened in the last hundred or so is very interesting, and also about how little things change or how little people learn. Mariah was sent out before contact with the Centauri, who gave Earth access to jumpgate technology.

Amis isn’t really crazy. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean there isn’t a Dark Servant out to get you.

Mariah Cirrus isn’t sure how much she likes the future.

The Dark Servant is finally revealed.


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