Babylon 5: A Spider in the Web

Talia is the key to unlocking the mystery behind a murderer on Babylon 5. It is quite possible that thanks to this murderer, Mar’s last, best hope for peace has been ruined.

Taro Isogi, president of Future Corps, enlists Talia’s help to negotiate with Mars representative Amanda Carter to try and find a peaceful solution to the Mars problem. When Isogi is murdered, these negotiations come to a standstill. One puzzling thing about the case, Talia was with Isogi when he was murdered, but she caught a telepathic image from the murderer and then he left her alone. The murderer later comes after Talia to get rid of her, but the same thing happens again.

Mr. Garibaldi is annoying at first, but he really tries to get Talia’s mind of what happened and they share some things about growing up, which is sweet.

The murderer is actually Abel Horn, a member of Free Mars. The only problem is he is already dead. What Talia keeps seeing from him is the moment of his death during a fight with Earth. Actually, he was near death at that point. Then he was taken by Earth and given a brain implant, then given a deep scan where he was fixed on the moment of his death so the implant would work. This is Project Lazerus. Contact with Talia, however, has disrupted this and Horn becomes obsessed with figuring out what is happening.

He ends up enlisting the help of Amanda Carter. They knew each other years earlier and at one point she was a member of Free Mars too. This is a fact she tries to keep quiet, though in fairness to her, Free Mars was not a radical group at the time she joined. Carter gets Talia to come to her quarters, where Horn tries to get Talia to help him figure out what was done to him. Luckily, Sheridan and Garibaldi figure out where Horn is, and that Talia is there too and they intervene before anyone gets hurt. Horn forces security to shoot him, though, and that triggers a self destruct program in Horn that everyone barely gets away from before it explodes.

Later, when Garibaldi asks how Sheridan knew so much about Project Lazerus. Sheridan it seems likes to collect conspiracies and secrets, a nice new dimention to his character. Project Lazerous is apparently run by Beureau Thirteen. Thsi is the last we hear of it.

Two final notes. This is the first time we meet Zach Allen, Garibaldi’s new second. And Earth was sure pushing Sheridan to find any excuse bordering on the illegal to stop the meeting between Isogi and Carter, a good indication of the direction Earth is going.

Taro Isogi, a visionary friend of Talia’s. Too bad he is murdered.

Amanda Carter, a representative from Mars.

Abel Horn, a murderer who doesn’t even know his own past.

Talia thnks Garibaldi is amusing.


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