Babylon 5: Soul Mates

Londo’s three wives arrive on Babylon 5, with interesting results. Talia’s old husband also arrives, with bad results for her.

Let’s start with Delenn. She calls Ivanova to her quarters in great distress. To put it simply, she has no idea how to handle human hair and it has gotten away from her. Clearly, what works for keeping a bone shiny and healthy doesn’t work for hair^^; Ivanova takes pity on Delenn and with some prodding agrees to teach Delenn the facts about her new human side. By the end, Delenn is much happier and looks more presentable. One interesting note, at the end when Ivanova says if there is anything else she can do, etc., Delenn wonders why she is having cramps. Oh, my.

Talia discovers her old husband, Mathew Stoner, is on board. Their union was very much encouraged by Psi Corps since genetically, they are a perfect match. And at one time, he was her mentor and she did fall in love with him. But that was before they really got to know each other. That was when they got the divorce. After, Stoner somehow left Psi Corps which no one does. When he gets a reluctant Talia to talk with him and she asks about this, he says he no longer has his telepathic abilities, and he is willing to do the same for Talia. Garibaldi immediately sees Stoner and doesn’t like him. He is also worried about Talia. He is a bit surprised, however, when Talia is enraged at his warning Stoner off. Later she apologizes, but says she is going with Stoner when she said she wouldn’t earlier. Stoner is an archaeologist and trades a Centauri artifact while he is on Babylon 5. Garibaldi gets Stoner thrown in the brig and really can’t seem to control his temper around the guy. When Talia comes to visit, he again gets her to go leave with him, before being knocked out by Garibaldi. Psi Corps has an interest in Stoner still. And the emotional inconsistencies point to only one thing: Stoner is now an empath. Since Talia and he are genetically compatible, he was no doubt ordered to get Talia to marry him again and go through the same experiments he went through. Garibaldi and Sheridan ship him back to Psi Corps without Talia.

In the mean time, Londo has invited his three wives to Babylon 5: Timov, Daggair, and Mariel. Timov barely tolerates Londo, and everyone knows it. Daggair is more fun loving. Mariel is frankly seducing. Sheridan, I would take Londo’s advice: for your own safety, stay away from her. As to why Londo has summoned his wives when he clearly has been very happy leaving them on Centauri Prime all this time, he is celebrating his Ascension Day, a very important day for a Centauri. As he is currently looked on very favorably by the Centauri government, the Emperor himself asked Londo what one wish he could grant. Londo wants a divorce from all his wives. The Emperor suggested that Londo keep one for appearances and social functions. So the wives are here for Londo to decide which to keep. G’Kar goes crazy this episode trying to figure out why Londo is so happy and friendly, even to him. Remember that Centauri artifact Stoner sold? It is boughten by Mariel and given to Londo as a present. Too bad it was probably booby-trapped by the Narn after they liberated themselves. Londo hovers between life and death. He needs a blood transfusion, but no Centauri on station matches his blood type. It seems the three wives will keep their status and money after all, exactly what Mariel and Daggair are hopping. But then Timov speaks up. She and Londo do in fact share the same blood type and whatever else she is she is a woman of principle, even after being Londo’s wife. She agrees to donate as long as Franklin doesn’t reveal it was her. In the end, Londo survives and decides on Timov as his wife, much to the other two’s disgust. At least she won’t stab him in the back. If she ever does, it will be to his face!

Delenn is having a bad hair day.

G’Kar can’t figure Londo out.

Londo is enjoying teasing G’Kar.

Timov, otherwise known as Famine.

Daggair, otherwise known as Pestilence.

Mariel, otherwise known as Death. So I guess that makes Londo War. Very appropriate.

Mathew Stoner will use all his abilities to get Talia, even his empathic ones.


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