Babylon 5: A Race Through Dark Places

Bester returns to Babylon 5, chasing a group of rogue telepaths and Talia gets involved. Sheridan tries to fight the bureaucracy and Delenn invites him on a date.

First, let’s talk about the infamous date. Delenn wants to learn more about being human, and this time she turns to Sheridan for help. When Sheridan asks her how, she suggests dinner and talking about anything and everything (except politics). When she arrives in an evening gown, heads turn, including Sheridan. One of the things they talk about is humor in Minbari culture. Sheridan is happy to learn that since he has a sense of humor, he is intelligent.

Unfortunately, Sheridan, with a reluctant Ivanova in tow, tries fighting the bureaucracy. They are cutting the budget, and say Sheridan and Ivanova have quarters that are two large. So either they pay thirty credits a week or move into smaller quarters. Sheridan is outraged. Garibaldi still locks them out of their quarters so they end up sleeping in Sheridan’s office. Ivanova is not pleased. Sheridan likes telling awful jokes. In the end, Sheridan ends up withdrawing the sixty credits from the defense funds on the grounds that he isn’t ready to defend anything without a good nights sleep in his own quarters.

The main story, however, involves Bester, Talia, and a group of rogue telepaths. Bester is chasing this group of rogue telepaths, and the latest lead is to Babylon 5. Much as the command staff don’t like him, they are forced to cooperate. Talia is as well. One thing Talia notices, however, is that while Bester has scanned her several times, he hasn’t picked up anything from her at all. While she and Bester meet for breakfast, several of the telepaths try to take Bester out. They fail, but capture Talia. Garibaldi especially is very put out by this. Talia mean while is confronted by the telepaths, who tell her the bleak truth about Psi Corps’ dark deeds, including impregnating a woman when she refused to marry her genetically perfect partner. Franklin meanwhile tells Sheridan to meet him in a certain time and place to meet with the leader of the underground resistance to find a peaceful solution, which ends up being himself. Sheridan is upset about this. He also doesn’t see how to find a resolution that doesn’t compromise his principles. Talia and the telepaths offer another option. They connect together and with Talia’s special abilities make Bester believe that he killed all the telepaths. The telepaths agree to leave, and Franklin can’t run the underground railroad for telepaths any more anyway.

Finally, Talia now has questions about what Psi Corps is doing, and turns to Ivanova. The two begin a real friendship at last.

Bester has the information he needs.

Delenn dressed up for dinner.

Talia wonders what exactly Jason Ironheart gave her.

Bester fights off the rogues.

United we stand.

Talia fights off rogues. Or does she?


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