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Babylon 5: Confessions and Lamentations

When plague strikes the station, Delenn and Lennier risk themselves to help while Dr. Franklin races to save the Markab race.

This is a very heavy episode. Let’s start with the funny bit first: the infamous dinner. Back in A Race Through Dark Places, Sheridan took Delenn out to dinner. Now Delenn returns the favor by inviting Sheridan to a ceremonial Minbari meal. Everything has to be done perfectly, and Lennier stayed up two days working on it. I can’t say I blame him if the idea of doing another meal doesn’t sound to appealing to him at the moment. And just like the food had to be prepared in a precise order, eating the meal is also an extremely ritualistic affair. If not done properly, you have to start over again. Sheridan falls asleep during the meal, but since he had no doubt already had a busy day I can’t entirely blame him, especially with all that meditation. Then Sheridan gets a call from Ivanova after he is woken up, and Delenn assures Sheridan that all the rituals of the meal had already been completed. I have to wonder about this, though, since if not true, Delenn could arguably have lied to save Sheridan’s honor. And you have to wonder what Lennier and Delenn said to each other in religious caste Minbari after Sheridan left. . .

It is just as well that we have this light moment, since the rest of the episode is heavy. When a ship from the Markab homeworld is overdue, Keefer and his squad are sent out to investigate. And on his way out, Ivanova reigns Keffer in on Sheridan’s orders. Keffer has been looking for the mysterious race he saw in hyperspace back in A Distant Star, which we now know are the Shadows. When they get to the ship, there are no life signs. Earlier, there had been three Markab deaths on Babylon 5, all due to seeming natural causes. Franklin is suspicious, however, in spite of the assurances of his Markab colleague Dr. Lazarenn, since this a higher rate than what occurs naturally. Franklin is right to be concerned. All these dead Markab, on the station and on the ship, were killed by plague. When Dr. Franklin confronts Dr. Lazarenn about this, Lazarenn says he was ordered to say nothing. Centuries ago, there was another outbreak. Thankfully, it was confined to an isolated island and the disease ran it’s course before others came. The island was known for it’s immorality, and so the disease came to be associated with immorality, and seen as the judgment of God on the victims. It also became a legend, a story to scare children into obedience – be good or the plague of Drafa will get you. The first new outbreaks occurred about a year earlier, but were of course not reported because of how the disease would reflect on the individuals and families involved. A few, Dr. Lazarenn included, have been searching for a cure, but with little if any support. The disease is completely fatal and completely contagious. One question facing Dr. Franklin and his team is the possibility of the disease jumping to other races.

Sheridan is forced to quarantine the station, which does not make people happy. Franklin starts testing all the Markab he can convince. Markab are dying at an increasing rate. The Markab ambassador, however, is outraged at the insinuation that his people are unclean from this disease. He has most of the Markab population on Babylon 5 join him in an isolation zone. Then, the first Pak’ma’ra death is found. Dr. Lazarenn offers to do the autopsy in isolab, to protect the others and to help. Meanwhile, Garibaldi and his people have their hands full keeping down violence, especially against the Markab who are not in isolation. A nice moment when Garibaldi helps up a Markab who has been beaten in spite of the risk to himself.

Franklin and his people have determined that the disease is airborne, and, without going into detail, somehow keeps signals from the brain from the rest of the body. Dr. Lazarenn starts showing the first symptoms, and immediately has Franklin start examining him. Delenn asks Sheridan to go into the isolation area with Lennier who won’t leave her to help in whatever way they can. Sheridan doesn’t want to, but finally agrees. Dr. Lazarenn reminisces about when he met Franklin while he was hitchhiking. Nice comment from him as well that sometimes the point is not to pass the test but to see how well you fail. Franklin, however, is not taking things so well. He is taking stims to stay awake, he is yelling at his staff, and is starting to loose control. When it is confirmed that the Drafa has jumped to the Pak’ma’ra, Franklin starts looking for similarities between the two species. Why the Pak’ma’ra first? Before he gets an answer, Dr. Lazarenn dies. Meanwhile, Delenn befriends a Markab girl whose father earlier died and who has lost her mother. This is the first time we hear the phrase, “faith manages”. While Lennier goes to look for the mother, Delenn tells the girl of a time when she got lost and was scared, but she found her way to an abandoned temple. She waited long, but eventually she saw a being that gave her such peace. Then she was found by her parents. And right on cue, Lennier returns with the girl’s mother. It is a joyful reunion. Until Delenn realizes the girl has the first symptoms of the disease. Dr. Franklin has found his answer and a cure. I won’t go into details, but suffice it to say vital cells are being killed, and he has a way to stimulate cell growth. He rushes with Sheridan and Ivanova to the isolation area, but it is too late. Everyone there is dead except for Delenn and Lennier. We later learn from ISN that aside from a few ships and isolated colonies, the Markab race is dead. Delenn takes a positive view and encourages Sheridan to do the same, seeing what can be learned from the experience. Franklin, on the other hand is just depressed by it, especially by some of the reactions of others to this news.

There are one or two arc bits squeezed into this episode, though I’m not sure you could really call it an arc episode. But it is sure a powerful one, on the level of Believers from the first season. How do we react in a life threatening crisis like this? It says a lot about us as individuals and societies.

Dr. Lazarenn and Dr. Franklin are old friends, but Dr. Lazarenn has been holding out on something.

I don’t think Lennier is in any big hurry to prepare another Mimbari ritual meal.

Yes, Sheridan, just like math, Minbari rituals can put you to sleep.

A Markab girl goes into isolation with her mother.

Franklin despairs that he won’t find a cure in time.

Sheridan and Delenn embrace as she weeps. She is safe, but the Markab race is dead.

I couldn’t bring myself to show pictures of dead Markab.


Babylon 5: Knives

An old friend visits Londo to ask him for help, with tragic results. Sheridan starts seeing things that aren’t there, and starts wondering if he is going crazy.

When Garibaldi tells Sheridan about a strange part of the station, roughly analogous to the Bermuda Triangle, Sheridan insists on checking it out – alone. When he does, he encounters a dead Markab. As he is talking to Garibaldi, the Markab grabs Sheridan’s face before going limp again. Sheridan is not so happy to have gone alone now. After checking the captain over, aside from some residual stress from the event, Franklin can’t find a thing wrong. However, Sheridan’s vision keeps getting distorted. When he gets back to his quarters, he dozes, but when he wakes up he finds a grylor, a fierce winged beast he once encountered. Several PPG shots attracts the attention of Mr. Garibaldi, but when he arrives, he sees nothing except damage where the PPG shots went. When Sheridan goes to C&C, he sees the Icarus explode. No one else there sees it. Sheridan wants answers, but Franklin has none. He does, however, give the captain a wrist monitor so he can keep an eye on the captain’s state. Sheridan gets in some more batting practice, when Garibaldi shows up. The one thing he has found out is that the Markab came through sector 14, where Babylon 4 disappeared. Earthgov confiscated all documents relating to the earlier incident with it, but Garibaldi kept a spare and gives it to Sheridan. Back in his quarters, Sheridan looks at the information and sees some similarities between the rift in sector 14 and the distortions and visions he has been seeing. He then sees his parents, who are again not there. Sheridan realizes whatever is in him wants to go to sector 14, so he sneaks out in a starfury. Franklin was alerted by the bracelet that something happened, and he in turn alerts Ivanova and Garibaldi. Garibaldi follows Sheridan to sector 14, where a creature exits Sheridan’s body and returns to the rift. As the captain is now unconscious, Garibaldi tows him back to the station. Franklin is quite excited at the possibility of a species that is so different from their own, when Sheridan explains what happened.

Londo and Vir are discussing Centauri opera, when they are surprised by Londo’s old friend, Urza Jaddo. They grew up together, were dueling partners, and their families have long been allies. Urza has come to ask Londo for his help. A proposal has been presented to the Centaurum, declaring Urza and his house traitor. Londo, knowing Urza’s character, is surprised that such a thing could happen. He is also surprised when Urza says the former Prime Minister Malichi was assassinated, when the official story is he committed suicide at Emperor Turhan’s death. Londo decides to act, asking Lord Refa for help. Refa says the proposal has already passed and tries to discourage Londo, but Londo is insistent. Later, at a banquet given by Urza, Londo tells Urza what he has done. Urza refuses any help Refa might give, however, since Refa was the one who made the proposal against his house. Urza ends up challenging Londo to a duel. Londo has to accept since Urza has too many noble friends. Londo ends up killing Urza, though Urza was the better duelist. Urza arranged this, since if he died, his family would then come under the protection of Londo’s house, and therefore can’t be hurt by the proposal. Londo is deeply affected these events, but refuses to change the course he has set for himself and his people.

Sheridan enjoys baseball during his spare time, when he’s not busy investigating mysterious things.

Who could be threatening Londo?

His old friend, Urza Jaddo, has no qualms pretending to.

When Urza challenges Londo, things become much more serious.

Sheridan has an unexpected visitor in his mind. Sheridan is nice enough to give it a ride home anyway.

Battlestar Galactica Miniseries

So I finally saw the Battlestar Galactica miniseries which begins the reimagined version. All I can say is wow.

Humans created the Cyons, but they rebelled. A war was fought, and eventually a peace of sort agreed upon. But on one fateful day, the Cyons attack, killing most of humanity. Only about fifty thousand survive. Guarding these survivors is the Battlestar Galactica. It was actually used in the war against the Cyons, and was about to be decommissioned when the Cyons struck.

There are several intriguing things included. First, Cyons used to be recognizably machines, but now they can look just like humans. Which explains how they got all the information they needed for one massive strike. Another is the fact that older ships actually do better against the Cyons, since they are harder to electronically infiltrate. For example, computers not being networked means that they can’t all be taken down at once. And everything is printed out. Commander Adama’s speech at the end is rather impressive. And the idea of thirteen colonies of humans, with Earth being the thirteenth lost one, is fascinating.

Intriguing ideas, interesting cast of characters complete with flaws, the end of the world, lots of emotion, there is a lot to like about this miniseries. It is definately worth seeing at least once since it isn’t every day you get to witness the end of civilization.

Babylon 5: In the Shadow of Za’Ha’Dum

Sheridan learns what really happened to his wife when Mr. Morden shows up on Babylon 5. Ah new organization makes its presence felt on station.

Oh boy, this episode is another turning point, specifically for Sheridan’s character.

First, Narn refugees are flooding the station, causing problems. Sheridan has his people send them on as quickly as possible. The strain is particularly bad for Dr. Franklin, who has to deal with all the wounded. This is the first time we hear of him taking stims to keep going, though in this case Ivanova intervenes and makes him get some proper rest.

Mean while, Pierce Macabee is on station from the new Ministry of Peace to form the Nightwatch. This organization is supposed to keep an eye on dangerous actions, dangerous words, even dangerous thoughts. Zach Allen decides to join, figuring he could use fifty extra credits a week for doing what he does anyway. Talia is particularly invited to the organizational meeting, though it is left unclear how interested she is.

The main story, however revolves around Sheridan and Mr. Morden. Morden is on station with a message for Londo. Since Londo is back on Centauri Prime, Vir takes it. When Morden asks Vir what he wants, Vir tells him he wants to see Morden’s head as a pike as a warning that some favors come at too high a price. (Go Vir!) Mr. Morden isn’t amused.

Meanwhile, Garibaldi visits Sheridan, who is going through some of his wife’s effects, including complete information about the Icarus’s fateful trip. When Garibaldi sees the passenger manifest, he recognizes Mr. Morden as having passed through the station. Before Mr. Morden can leave the station this time, Sheridan has Garibaldi take Morden into custody. Sheridan wants to know what happened to the Icarus, what happened to his wife, and won’t let Mr. Morden go until he gets some answers. Garibaldi ends up resigning over this since treatment of prisoners is his direct responsibility and after ten hours of questioning Mr. Morden still hasn’t been charged. Zach temporarily takes charge. Ivanova also becomes concerned at Sheridan’s behavior. Vir then comes to request Mr. Morden’s release on behalf of the Centauri government, which arouses Sheridan’s suspicions even more. When Talia refuses to scan Morden without his consent, Sheridan tricks Talia into an unintentional scan, which is very painful for her. Yeah, Sheridan definately the slap he got from her. Finally, Kosh and Delenn show up also asking for Morden’s release. Sheridan refuses unless he gets answers. Delenn agrees.

Some of the most ancient creatures in the universe are the Shadows, which come out periodically and wreak havoc on all around them. The First Ones drove them back. But the First Ones eventually died or left beyond the Rim. A thousand years ago was the last time the Shadows attacked, and they were stopped by an alliance of Minbari and the last of the First Ones, the Vorlon. Which is why Kosh can’t leave his encounter suit, he would be recognized. As for what this has to do with Anna and the Icarus, they went to Za’ha’dum, homeworld of the Shadows, and woke them. When Sheridan asks if Anna could have survived like Morden, Delenn replies that those who would not serve the Shadows were killed. When Sheridan says this gives even more reason to keep Morden, Delenn replies that as long as the Shadows are building up their forces, they can prepare, but if they keep Morden, the Shadows will strike now while they are unprepared. He must choose the good of everyone over revenge. Sheridan later talks to Zach about a decision Winston Churchill made during World War II that was similarly difficult. When Sheridan hears noises from Morden’s cell, he tells Zach to search all spectrums for what is making the noise. Naturally, he sees Shadows. He decides to let Morden go. Garibaldi accepts his job back after a promise that Sheridan will never force him to resign again. Sheridan later talks to Kosh, saying he now wants to learn how to fight the Shadows.

Vir’s wish: to wave to Mr. Morden’s head on a pike.

Sheridan wants answers, and he wants them now.

Mr. Morden isn’t giving anything away.

Pierce Macabee is nothing if not charismatic.

Talia sees something she doesn’t like about Mr. Morden.

Delenn wants Mr. Morden released for the good of everyone.

Kosh shows Sheridan the truth.

The Icarus, on it’s fateful trip to Za’ha’dum.

The Shadows woken up.

Babylon 5: And Now For a Word

A reporter comes to Babylon 5 and gets caught in the crossfire between the Centauri and Narn.

Cynthia Torqueman comes to Babylon 5 to do a special there. She is hard hitting with Delenn, somehow manages to get a glimpse of Kosh, and asks a lot of questions. It is a very interesting format, and because we only see what she sees, it is a different perspective than usual. It is also interesting that some people on Babylon 5 do better in front of a camera than others. We also learn a bit about G’Kar’s past. He joined the resistance after his father was brutally murdered by his Centauri Mistress for spilling a hot drink. It is also made very clear by Senator Quantrel that Earth is not nearly as supportive of Babylon 5 as it once was, and that Earth wants to focus on itself.¬† Unfortunately, isolationism never works once you have opened the Pandora’s Box already having reached out beyond yourself, whether individually or collectively. But like that fabled box, the one thing still left is hope, which is the optimistic note the piece ends on. Lovely monologue by Sheridan at the end, on par with what Sinclair said back in Infections.

The back story of this report is a Narn transport suddenly firing and destroying a Centauri transport outside the station. The Narn claim that the Centauri are transporting weapons of mass destruction, which they are. things are at a stand off diplomatically, and Centauri and Narn ships start fighting outside the station. This is unacceptable of course to Sheridan, so he has Babylon 5 squadrons break up the fight, and also won’t let any ships from either side leave until expected. The Centauri send in a heavy cruiser to blockade¬† Babylon 5 until their ships are released. Sheridan calls their bluff, and the first transport is away when a Narn heavy cruiser arrives. The Narn destroy the Centauri, but suffer heavy damage in return, and in an attempt to return to hyperspace, they are destroyed. Babylon 5 will now be on the lookout for weapons transfers off station as well as on.

One final note, a nice piece of Psi Corps propaganda as an advertisement is included for our viewing pleasure.

Cynthia Torqueman, a hard hitting but balanced reporter.

Senator Quantrel, definitely a Clark supporter.

Delenn is upset by Cyntiha’s questioning.

Psi Corps propaganda.

A Centauri war ship threatens Babylon 5.

Babylon 5: There All the Honor Lies

Sheridan kills a Minbari in self defense and is accused of murder. Vir is upset by a message from Centauri Prime. Babylon 5 goes commercial.

First, the smallest story. Vir gets a transmission from Centauri Prime while Londo is out, basically recalling him. The job has become too important for someone like Vir. Unfortunately, he isn’t particularly wanted back home either. He tells Londo this, rather distraught. Londo decides to take action. He tells the Centauri government if Vir leaves, he leaves. Vir is rather surprised and touched at this show of appreciation by Londo. And I could be wrong, but I don’t think Vir has ever been drunk, at least like that before. You really have to feel for Vir, feeling so unwanted.

The main story has Sheridan having his com-link stolen by a human when he was on his way for a lesson with Kosh. Sheridan gives chase and runs into a Minbari dressed warrior caste. Sheridan apologizes, but the Minbari is quite antagonistic. Sheridan finds a PPG next to him. He keeps trying to get the Minbari to back off, but the Minbari says “death first” and charges. Sheridan fires. Another Minbari, religious caste, sees this and runs. Everyone is quite upset by this event. Delenn insists that Lennier do an investigation of his own, even though Garibaldi already is. Eventually, Lennier and Delenn find the religious caste Minbari who saw the event, Ashan. He is quite antagonistic to Delenn, but is the same clan as Lennier. He claims Sheridan killed the other Minbari in cold blood, and that while the words he spoke may have sounded like “death first”, it was actually the Minbari equivalent of “I surrender”. Sheridan is outraged when he hears this, but Delenn stops him before he calls Ashan an outright lier since Minbari supposedly don’t lie, and to say so could have severe consequences. When confronted by Sheridan, Ashan refuses to be more forthcoming. Which is when Sheridan’s lawyer, Guenevere Corey, arrives. She tells Sheridan she thinks he has a good case, but if he is brought to trial he will probably loose command of Babylon 5, even if he is found innocent. Sheridan is rather distressed about this, when Kosh comes to collect him for his lesson. Sheridan tries to put Kosh off, but Kosh insists. Sheridan is taken to the worst part of Down Below by Kosh. He is told to enter a small space. He does, but he must pay something for admittance. Having nothing better, he offers his stat bar. Then he is treated to a moment of perfect beauty. Rejuvenated, he helps Londo (more on that below) and mentions how Minbari don’t lie. Londo says they do, and explains how they will lie to help another save face. Zach has been following Ashan at Garibaldi’s orders, but Lennier puts an end to that. Lennier then confronts Ashan who was talking to the human who stole Sheridan’s link. He sees that Ashan is not innocent. Ashan flees. When Sheridan sees the burial instructions for the dead Minbari, he asks Delenn for help in proving his innocence. Ashan has been recalled to Minbar. Before leaving, Lennier tells him he will take the blame for these events since Ashan has already dishonored their clan. Ashan explains how the dead Minbari was also a member of their clan, and their clan wants to get Sheridan off Babylon 5. Too bad everyone else was listening at this. When Sheridan saw the burial plans, he realized the dead Minbari was of the same clan, one of the few things that could induce a Minbari to lie. Ashan is apprehended. To help Lennier’s clan save face, Sheridan accepts only partial vindication.

Finally, Babylon 5 goes commercial to help defray costs. Ivanova hates it,so Sheridan puts her in charge, figuring she would keep it under control. At this point, it is only a test run. At first, Ivanova doesn’t think it is too bad, until she sees a human pull off an alien mask and a Drazi pull off a human mask. Londo gets upset he realizes that some dolls of him are, shall we say, not anatomically correct. Sheridan promises the dolls will be removed. At the end of the day, though, things seem to have been going pretty smoothly. Until Sheridan is shown a “Bab-Bear-Lon 5” bear that has his initials on it. He has the store cleared out and spaces the bear!

Ashan uses events to frame Sheridan.

Guenevere Corey, Sheridan’s lawyer means business.

A moment of perfect beauty.

Vir tells Londo he’s been recalled to Centauri Prime.

Londo doesn’t like a product in the new store.

Zach is on the job again.

Lennier and Ashan face off.

Sheridan likes the bear . . . until he sees the initials and learns what they stand for.

Babylon 5: Hunter, Prey

A fugitive on station actually has incriminating information regarding President Clark placing Sheridan in a difficult position.

Nice introduction with Sheridan getting an up close view of a Vorlon ship.

This is the first episode where Sheridan has to act to pass on information to General Hague and those who work with him. Dr. Everett Jacobs is wanted by Earth Gov. Derek Cranston comes on board to retrieve him, dead or alive, saying the good doctor has information that could compromise Earth Security. Dr. Franklin doesn’t believe this when he hears it. He studied under Dr. Jacobs, and looked up to him as a role model. An agent named Sarah contacts Sheridan, confirming Dr. Franklin’s suspicions. Dr. Jacobs is wanted because he has information that could help incriminate President Clark, namely as Clark’s personal physician he knew Clark did not have a viral infection that caused him to get off at Mars before Earthforce One exploded. Sheridan is not particularly happy with this news since Cranston is already tearing the station apart.

So Garibaldi and Franklin take on the assignment of trying to find Dr. Jacobs before Cranston and his people do. And by the way, nice job of Garibaldi giving Franklin a cryptic message over the BabCom such that Franklin would check the message, and hiding the real message in one frame of it.

Sheridan and Ivanova do a great job between the two of misdirecting and otherwise slowing down Cranston’s people.

Unfortunately, a bad guy Down Below named Max has already found Dr. Jacobs. He soon realizes who he has found, and agrees to turn the doctor over for a nice sum of money.

Sheridan and Kosh have an interesting conversation, which ends with Kosh agreeing to teach Sheridan “how to fight legends”.

Garibaldi and Franklin have a nice conversation about how hopeful things used to be after the Dilgar War and the reason why things aren’t the same any more. Then Franklin spots a guy selling a pocket watch that is unmistakably Dr. Jacobs. Max sold it earlier for more cash. Garibaldi and Franklin find Dr. Jacobs and rescue him, though not before Garibaldi gets stabbed again. (Watch your back, Mike!!!) There are two problems still left. One, Max has the data crystal with all the incriminating evidence against Clark. This is swiftly taken care of by Garibaldi, who is already cranky. The other problem is how to keep Cranston from finding Dr. Jacobs. Cranston has finally reconfigured the station scanners to track internally Jacob’s signal.

Kosh asks to leave just before the scanners are used. Dr. Jacob’s signal is not found by the scanners. Cranston is confused, until he remembers who just left. He insists that Sheridan scan Kosh’s ship. They read one life form – alien. Sheridan uses this to basically chase Cranston off his station.

Dr. Jacobs was on Kosh’s ship, unconscious (the only way Kosh would let him on), but the scanner read the ship itself, which is organic technology. It never penetrated inside. So Dr. Jacobs is now safe and will be sent someplace where Clark can’t reach him. Sheridan hands over the data crystal to Sarah.

Don’t touch Kosh’s ship without permission.

Everett Cranston, a stooge for Clark.

Dr. Jacobs, guilty only of knowing too much.

Sarah, an associate of General Hague.

Franklin and Garibaldi undercover. Notice Garibaldi’s hat, a crucial part of his disguise.

Max, who wants to rule Down Below.

Babylon 5: Acts of Sacrifice

While Ivanova runs into some bumps with the fine art of diplomacy, G”Kar tries to get support for the Narn cause and runs into difficulties of his own.

G’Kar tries to get support from Sheridan and his staff for the Narn cause, claiming the Centauri have targeted civilians — including women and children. But the Centauri claim that the Narn are using innocents to protect weapon transports. Sheridan does agree to see what he can do.

Delenn also is distressed about what is happening, but is also reluctant to help. The Minbari know full well the price of revenge, and G’Kar’s previous words and actions are coming back to haunt him now.

Londo, in the mean while, is suddenly surrounded by friends he didn’t even know he had, most asking for favor. It is giving him a headache. When he reaches out to Garibaldi later for a sign of true friendship, Garibaldi is reluctant to give it given Londo’s recent actions. And he and Zach have quite enough keeping the Narn and Centauri populations on Babylon 5 from trying to kill each other.

After the latest incident forces Zach to pull a gun and kill a Narn when he doesn’t stand down, G’Kar is enraged and Sheridan is just as mad. After arguing and yelling, Sheridan asks G’Kar point blank if he can control his people. So G’Kar tries to calm his people. Unfortunately, they have other ideas and kill the Centauri who started the earlier fight.

Sheridan is reluctant to tell Londo about this death, fearing when the news leaks, things will only escalate, so he asks Garibaldi to refrain from any anouncement until they know for sure. Meanwhile, Na’Toth spies Narn buying poisoned Drazi blades to use against the Centauri.

When G’Kar finds out about this, he takes this as a challenge to his authority, and immediately goes to stop his people and take care of the main instigator. The two fight. G’Kar wins, and convinces his people to refrain from fighting, but not before being stabbed in the back by the looser. After subduing him again, Na’Toth gets G’Kar to his quarters and turns the Narn in as the murderer of the Centauri.

Sheridan talks with Delenn. He as been denied permission to officially help the Narn in any way. So he is doing everything he can unofficially. He has already gotten Franklin to donate medical supplies and to help form a Narn underground railroad to help save women and children. Babylon 5 will donate their surplus of food. He asks Delenn to help transport, and they can leave with Narn and take them to safe zones. The Minbari are of course a good choice since the Centauri would be reluctant to start anything with them. (And not so incidentally, if they did ask for the Shadows for help against the Minbari, they would reluctant to give it. They know very well the Minbari know who they are, and at this point they aren’t ready to be in the open.) Delenn agrees to do all she can.

Delenn and Sheridan tell G’Kar what they can offer. He is both pleased that it will save innocents of his people, and distressed that it isn’t military help. And since the aid has to be kept secret, he can’t even use the knowledge of it to shame the others.

When Londo is told about the dead Centauri and that it was by a Narn, he recognizes the Centarui in question — a trouble maker. He wants the Narn deported and his possessions auctioned off for the Centauri war effort, but leaves things at that. Seeing this, Garibaldi is willing to have a “non offensive” drink with Londo for old friendships sake, though how long this will last is anyone’s guess.

Nice little speech by Sheridan to Delenn about responsibility. And G’Kar’s words to his people are rather impressive. It is hard to look at the big picture some times, but G’Kar is learning to.

Finally, to one of the most hilarious scenes from Babylon 5. While Sheridan is busy dealing with Narn and Centauri, Ivanova is busy meeting with a new race called the Lumati. She meets with Correlimerzon, and his communicator Taq. Taq speaks for Correlilmerzon, since his superior would loose face if he spoke directly with an inferior race. Ivanova shows them all over the station. They have very Darwinian philosophy of survival of the fittest, much to Franklin’s disgust. When the Lumati suggest that Ivanova is only showing them the good aspects of the station, she says they can choose where they go. They choose Down Below, much to her harassment. The Lumati are so impressed, they agree to a treaty with Earth. Ivanova is pleased, until she finds out that traditional Lumati treaty making includes sex between the two sides. She is quite distressed until she realizes they probably don’t know what human sex is like. So she goads Correlimerzon into doing sex human style, then does a wild dance with accompanying appropriate narrative describing¬† the ritual known as “the date” and ending in screams and spasms of pleasure, without acutually having sex or even taking off any clothes at all! Thus, the deal sealed. Ivanova is not so pleased with Correlimerzon says they’ll do it his way next time.

Narn heavy cruiser being attacked by Centauri fighters.

Correlilmerzon and Taq come as a pair.

G’Kar regains control of the Narn population on Babylon 5.

G’Kar doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He is overjoyed at how much Delenn and Sheridan are willing to risk for him, but it is far from what is needed.

Ivanova is ready to seal the deal.

Londo and Garibaldi remain friends, for today at least.

Babylon 5: All Alone in the Night

Delenn is cast out of the Grey Council. Sheridan is captured by aliens during a routine flight. General Hague makes an informal visit, with lasting consequences.

This is another excellent episode with some key things revealed.

Ships are reporting unusual sightings and at least one transport is actually missing. Sheridan decides to go out and investigate. Ivanova makes him take an escort. He figures there is plenty of time to get back to Babylon 5 before General Hague stops by, who is making an informal visit. Unfortunately, there is something out there: an alien ship of unknown design (not the Shadows), that is capturing ships. It already collected a Narn fighter. Sheridan’s fighter is hit, and he ejects. One of his escort is hit, the other critically injured. Sheridan is taken aboard the ship. The injured ship limps back to Babylon 5, but due to radiation poisoning, the pilot lives only long enough to make it back and say what happened. General Hague calls in the Agamemnon while Ivanova preps all fighter squadrons. Only one problem, they have no idea what this alien race is and therefore have no idea where it might be going or where it makes it’s home.

Meanwhile, Sheridan is tortured on board the alien ship. He is poked and prodded and forced to fight others, though he refuses to kill them. The Drazi seems to have not been real, but the Narn certainly was. It is being controlled by the aliens. Sheridan manages to knock him out, and while out, he takes away the controlling devise. They become friends, and Sheridan won’t give up or think the situation is hopeless, no matter what the Narn says. It seems this is the way the aliens learn about new species and see if they are week enough to attack. This is the first time we have seen Sheridan in such a desperate situation, and it brings out a new side of him.

Delenn, during all of this, has been busy herself. She has been summoned to the Grey Council. She doesn’t even know if she well be permitted to return to Babylon 5. She is now facing the consequences of her change. Lennier insists on accompanying her, even though any negative consequences could fall on him too. When Delenn arrives, no one greets her. She has already been dismissed from the Grey Council without a chance to defend her actions. She is, however, allowed to defend her position as ambassador on Babylon 5. She addresses the Council, and finds out who has replaced her on the Grey Council: Neroon. The problem with this is he is warrior caste, and her replacement should be religious caste. He justifies it by saying the religious caste betrayed them on the Line, even knowing the reason now for their surrender. However, Delenn, is permitted to remain ambassador.

While on the alien ship, Sheridan has a dream. Kosh appears at the end of the dream, so we know it is significant. Here are key parts of the dream.

“Do you know who I am?”

“The man in between is looking for you.”

“You are the hand.”

Ivanova and Hague try to find out what the aliens are, but it isn’t until Delenn returns that they find the answers they need. The aliens are the Streib, and made the mistake earlier of wandering into the Minbari. With Delenn as guide, they are off to rescue Sheridan.

Sheridan mean while, has managed to escape his cell with his Narn friend. A good thing too, since one of the first things the Streib do is space all their captives. They manage to get to an escape pod before the ship is destroyed. They are then picked up by the Agamemnon.

Back on Babylon 5, Sheridan is relieved the Narn will be alright, though distressed that the pilot who escaped died. And Kosh says a line that he said to Sheridan in his dream. Yes, Kosh has been interfering.

Finally, General Hague and Sheridan talk. General Hague is pleased to hear that Sheridan considers the command staff trustworthy, though Sheridan is upset he had to keep things from them. General Hague doesn’t believe Santiago’s death was an accident. He wants Sheridan to help him prove it. As for why he trusts Sheridan, he knows Sheridan is a patriot, and while he looks hawkish, the reasons behind his actions speak more of patriotism. Which is how they got Clark to appoint Sheridan to Babylon 5. Sheridan agrees to give his cooperation. He then enlists the command staff as well. Right now, they are operating strictly within the rules, but if the worst happens, they will be on their own. Everyone gives Sheridan their support.

Wow. Sheridan not only likes collecting secrets and conspiracies, he’s been in the middle of one all along! Very nice touch:)

Lennier will stay by Delenn’s side, no matter what.

What could possibly go wrong?

Sheridan worries about why Genreal Hague is coming to visit.

Delenn faces the Grey Council.

Neroon, Warrior Caste, replaces Delenn, Religious Cast, upsetting the balance of power in the Grey Council.

Even captured, you can make new friends.

General Hague still has serious business to discuss.