Babylon 5: All Alone in the Night

Delenn is cast out of the Grey Council. Sheridan is captured by aliens during a routine flight. General Hague makes an informal visit, with lasting consequences.

This is another excellent episode with some key things revealed.

Ships are reporting unusual sightings and at least one transport is actually missing. Sheridan decides to go out and investigate. Ivanova makes him take an escort. He figures there is plenty of time to get back to Babylon 5 before General Hague stops by, who is making an informal visit. Unfortunately, there is something out there: an alien ship of unknown design (not the Shadows), that is capturing ships. It already collected a Narn fighter. Sheridan’s fighter is hit, and he ejects. One of his escort is hit, the other critically injured. Sheridan is taken aboard the ship. The injured ship limps back to Babylon 5, but due to radiation poisoning, the pilot lives only long enough to make it back and say what happened. General Hague calls in the Agamemnon while Ivanova preps all fighter squadrons. Only one problem, they have no idea what this alien race is and therefore have no idea where it might be going or where it makes it’s home.

Meanwhile, Sheridan is tortured on board the alien ship. He is poked and prodded and forced to fight others, though he refuses to kill them. The Drazi seems to have not been real, but the Narn certainly was. It is being controlled by the aliens. Sheridan manages to knock him out, and while out, he takes away the controlling devise. They become friends, and Sheridan won’t give up or think the situation is hopeless, no matter what the Narn says. It seems this is the way the aliens learn about new species and see if they are week enough to attack. This is the first time we have seen Sheridan in such a desperate situation, and it brings out a new side of him.

Delenn, during all of this, has been busy herself. She has been summoned to the Grey Council. She doesn’t even know if she well be permitted to return to Babylon 5. She is now facing the consequences of her change. Lennier insists on accompanying her, even though any negative consequences could fall on him too. When Delenn arrives, no one greets her. She has already been dismissed from the Grey Council without a chance to defend her actions. She is, however, allowed to defend her position as ambassador on Babylon 5. She addresses the Council, and finds out who has replaced her on the Grey Council: Neroon. The problem with this is he is warrior caste, and her replacement should be religious caste. He justifies it by saying the religious caste betrayed them on the Line, even knowing the reason now for their surrender. However, Delenn, is permitted to remain ambassador.

While on the alien ship, Sheridan has a dream. Kosh appears at the end of the dream, so we know it is significant. Here are key parts of the dream.

“Do you know who I am?”

“The man in between is looking for you.”

“You are the hand.”

Ivanova and Hague try to find out what the aliens are, but it isn’t until Delenn returns that they find the answers they need. The aliens are the Streib, and made the mistake earlier of wandering into the Minbari. With Delenn as guide, they are off to rescue Sheridan.

Sheridan mean while, has managed to escape his cell with his Narn friend. A good thing too, since one of the first things the Streib do is space all their captives. They manage to get to an escape pod before the ship is destroyed. They are then picked up by the Agamemnon.

Back on Babylon 5, Sheridan is relieved the Narn will be alright, though distressed that the pilot who escaped died. And Kosh says a line that he said to Sheridan in his dream. Yes, Kosh has been interfering.

Finally, General Hague and Sheridan talk. General Hague is pleased to hear that Sheridan considers the command staff trustworthy, though Sheridan is upset he had to keep things from them. General Hague doesn’t believe Santiago’s death was an accident. He wants Sheridan to help him prove it. As for why he trusts Sheridan, he knows Sheridan is a patriot, and while he looks hawkish, the reasons behind his actions speak more of patriotism. Which is how they got Clark to appoint Sheridan to Babylon 5. Sheridan agrees to give his cooperation. He then enlists the command staff as well. Right now, they are operating strictly within the rules, but if the worst happens, they will be on their own. Everyone gives Sheridan their support.

Wow. Sheridan not only likes collecting secrets and conspiracies, he’s been in the middle of one all along! Very nice touch:)

Lennier will stay by Delenn’s side, no matter what.

What could possibly go wrong?

Sheridan worries about why Genreal Hague is coming to visit.

Delenn faces the Grey Council.

Neroon, Warrior Caste, replaces Delenn, Religious Cast, upsetting the balance of power in the Grey Council.

Even captured, you can make new friends.

General Hague still has serious business to discuss.


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