Babylon 5: Acts of Sacrifice

While Ivanova runs into some bumps with the fine art of diplomacy, G”Kar tries to get support for the Narn cause and runs into difficulties of his own.

G’Kar tries to get support from Sheridan and his staff for the Narn cause, claiming the Centauri have targeted civilians — including women and children. But the Centauri claim that the Narn are using innocents to protect weapon transports. Sheridan does agree to see what he can do.

Delenn also is distressed about what is happening, but is also reluctant to help. The Minbari know full well the price of revenge, and G’Kar’s previous words and actions are coming back to haunt him now.

Londo, in the mean while, is suddenly surrounded by friends he didn’t even know he had, most asking for favor. It is giving him a headache. When he reaches out to Garibaldi later for a sign of true friendship, Garibaldi is reluctant to give it given Londo’s recent actions. And he and Zach have quite enough keeping the Narn and Centauri populations on Babylon 5 from trying to kill each other.

After the latest incident forces Zach to pull a gun and kill a Narn when he doesn’t stand down, G’Kar is enraged and Sheridan is just as mad. After arguing and yelling, Sheridan asks G’Kar point blank if he can control his people. So G’Kar tries to calm his people. Unfortunately, they have other ideas and kill the Centauri who started the earlier fight.

Sheridan is reluctant to tell Londo about this death, fearing when the news leaks, things will only escalate, so he asks Garibaldi to refrain from any anouncement until they know for sure. Meanwhile, Na’Toth spies Narn buying poisoned Drazi blades to use against the Centauri.

When G’Kar finds out about this, he takes this as a challenge to his authority, and immediately goes to stop his people and take care of the main instigator. The two fight. G’Kar wins, and convinces his people to refrain from fighting, but not before being stabbed in the back by the looser. After subduing him again, Na’Toth gets G’Kar to his quarters and turns the Narn in as the murderer of the Centauri.

Sheridan talks with Delenn. He as been denied permission to officially help the Narn in any way. So he is doing everything he can unofficially. He has already gotten Franklin to donate medical supplies and to help form a Narn underground railroad to help save women and children. Babylon 5 will donate their surplus of food. He asks Delenn to help transport, and they can leave with Narn and take them to safe zones. The Minbari are of course a good choice since the Centauri would be reluctant to start anything with them. (And not so incidentally, if they did ask for the Shadows for help against the Minbari, they would reluctant to give it. They know very well the Minbari know who they are, and at this point they aren’t ready to be in the open.) Delenn agrees to do all she can.

Delenn and Sheridan tell G’Kar what they can offer. He is both pleased that it will save innocents of his people, and distressed that it isn’t military help. And since the aid has to be kept secret, he can’t even use the knowledge of it to shame the others.

When Londo is told about the dead Centauri and that it was by a Narn, he recognizes the Centarui in question — a trouble maker. He wants the Narn deported and his possessions auctioned off for the Centauri war effort, but leaves things at that. Seeing this, Garibaldi is willing to have a “non offensive” drink with Londo for old friendships sake, though how long this will last is anyone’s guess.

Nice little speech by Sheridan to Delenn about responsibility. And G’Kar’s words to his people are rather impressive. It is hard to look at the big picture some times, but G’Kar is learning to.

Finally, to one of the most hilarious scenes from Babylon 5. While Sheridan is busy dealing with Narn and Centauri, Ivanova is busy meeting with a new race called the Lumati. She meets with Correlimerzon, and his communicator Taq. Taq speaks for Correlilmerzon, since his superior would loose face if he spoke directly with an inferior race. Ivanova shows them all over the station. They have very Darwinian philosophy of survival of the fittest, much to Franklin’s disgust. When the Lumati suggest that Ivanova is only showing them the good aspects of the station, she says they can choose where they go. They choose Down Below, much to her harassment. The Lumati are so impressed, they agree to a treaty with Earth. Ivanova is pleased, until she finds out that traditional Lumati treaty making includes sex between the two sides. She is quite distressed until she realizes they probably don’t know what human sex is like. So she goads Correlimerzon into doing sex human style, then does a wild dance with accompanying appropriate narrative describing  the ritual known as “the date” and ending in screams and spasms of pleasure, without acutually having sex or even taking off any clothes at all! Thus, the deal sealed. Ivanova is not so pleased with Correlimerzon says they’ll do it his way next time.

Narn heavy cruiser being attacked by Centauri fighters.

Correlilmerzon and Taq come as a pair.

G’Kar regains control of the Narn population on Babylon 5.

G’Kar doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He is overjoyed at how much Delenn and Sheridan are willing to risk for him, but it is far from what is needed.

Ivanova is ready to seal the deal.

Londo and Garibaldi remain friends, for today at least.


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