Babylon 5: Hunter, Prey

A fugitive on station actually has incriminating information regarding President Clark placing Sheridan in a difficult position.

Nice introduction with Sheridan getting an up close view of a Vorlon ship.

This is the first episode where Sheridan has to act to pass on information to General Hague and those who work with him. Dr. Everett Jacobs is wanted by Earth Gov. Derek Cranston comes on board to retrieve him, dead or alive, saying the good doctor has information that could compromise Earth Security. Dr. Franklin doesn’t believe this when he hears it. He studied under Dr. Jacobs, and looked up to him as a role model. An agent named Sarah contacts Sheridan, confirming Dr. Franklin’s suspicions. Dr. Jacobs is wanted because he has information that could help incriminate President Clark, namely as Clark’s personal physician he knew Clark did not have a viral infection that caused him to get off at Mars before Earthforce One exploded. Sheridan is not particularly happy with this news since Cranston is already tearing the station apart.

So Garibaldi and Franklin take on the assignment of trying to find Dr. Jacobs before Cranston and his people do. And by the way, nice job of Garibaldi giving Franklin a cryptic message over the BabCom such that Franklin would check the message, and hiding the real message in one frame of it.

Sheridan and Ivanova do a great job between the two of misdirecting and otherwise slowing down Cranston’s people.

Unfortunately, a bad guy Down Below named Max has already found Dr. Jacobs. He soon realizes who he has found, and agrees to turn the doctor over for a nice sum of money.

Sheridan and Kosh have an interesting conversation, which ends with Kosh agreeing to teach Sheridan “how to fight legends”.

Garibaldi and Franklin have a nice conversation about how hopeful things used to be after the Dilgar War and the reason why things aren’t the same any more. Then Franklin spots a guy selling a pocket watch that is unmistakably Dr. Jacobs. Max sold it earlier for more cash. Garibaldi and Franklin find Dr. Jacobs and rescue him, though not before Garibaldi gets stabbed again. (Watch your back, Mike!!!) There are two problems still left. One, Max has the data crystal with all the incriminating evidence against Clark. This is swiftly taken care of by Garibaldi, who is already cranky. The other problem is how to keep Cranston from finding Dr. Jacobs. Cranston has finally reconfigured the station scanners to track internally Jacob’s signal.

Kosh asks to leave just before the scanners are used. Dr. Jacob’s signal is not found by the scanners. Cranston is confused, until he remembers who just left. He insists that Sheridan scan Kosh’s ship. They read one life form – alien. Sheridan uses this to basically chase Cranston off his station.

Dr. Jacobs was on Kosh’s ship, unconscious (the only way Kosh would let him on), but the scanner read the ship itself, which is organic technology. It never penetrated inside. So Dr. Jacobs is now safe and will be sent someplace where Clark can’t reach him. Sheridan hands over the data crystal to Sarah.

Don’t touch Kosh’s ship without permission.

Everett Cranston, a stooge for Clark.

Dr. Jacobs, guilty only of knowing too much.

Sarah, an associate of General Hague.

Franklin and Garibaldi undercover. Notice Garibaldi’s hat, a crucial part of his disguise.

Max, who wants to rule Down Below.


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