Babylon 5: There All the Honor Lies

Sheridan kills a Minbari in self defense and is accused of murder. Vir is upset by a message from Centauri Prime. Babylon 5 goes commercial.

First, the smallest story. Vir gets a transmission from Centauri Prime while Londo is out, basically recalling him. The job has become too important for someone like Vir. Unfortunately, he isn’t particularly wanted back home either. He tells Londo this, rather distraught. Londo decides to take action. He tells the Centauri government if Vir leaves, he leaves. Vir is rather surprised and touched at this show of appreciation by Londo. And I could be wrong, but I don’t think Vir has ever been drunk, at least like that before. You really have to feel for Vir, feeling so unwanted.

The main story has Sheridan having his com-link stolen by a human when he was on his way for a lesson with Kosh. Sheridan gives chase and runs into a Minbari dressed warrior caste. Sheridan apologizes, but the Minbari is quite antagonistic. Sheridan finds a PPG next to him. He keeps trying to get the Minbari to back off, but the Minbari says “death first” and charges. Sheridan fires. Another Minbari, religious caste, sees this and runs. Everyone is quite upset by this event. Delenn insists that Lennier do an investigation of his own, even though Garibaldi already is. Eventually, Lennier and Delenn find the religious caste Minbari who saw the event, Ashan. He is quite antagonistic to Delenn, but is the same clan as Lennier. He claims Sheridan killed the other Minbari in cold blood, and that while the words he spoke may have sounded like “death first”, it was actually the Minbari equivalent of “I surrender”. Sheridan is outraged when he hears this, but Delenn stops him before he calls Ashan an outright lier since Minbari supposedly don’t lie, and to say so could have severe consequences. When confronted by Sheridan, Ashan refuses to be more forthcoming. Which is when Sheridan’s lawyer, Guenevere Corey, arrives. She tells Sheridan she thinks he has a good case, but if he is brought to trial he will probably loose command of Babylon 5, even if he is found innocent. Sheridan is rather distressed about this, when Kosh comes to collect him for his lesson. Sheridan tries to put Kosh off, but Kosh insists. Sheridan is taken to the worst part of Down Below by Kosh. He is told to enter a small space. He does, but he must pay something for admittance. Having nothing better, he offers his stat bar. Then he is treated to a moment of perfect beauty. Rejuvenated, he helps Londo (more on that below) and mentions how Minbari don’t lie. Londo says they do, and explains how they will lie to help another save face. Zach has been following Ashan at Garibaldi’s orders, but Lennier puts an end to that. Lennier then confronts Ashan who was talking to the human who stole Sheridan’s link. He sees that Ashan is not innocent. Ashan flees. When Sheridan sees the burial instructions for the dead Minbari, he asks Delenn for help in proving his innocence. Ashan has been recalled to Minbar. Before leaving, Lennier tells him he will take the blame for these events since Ashan has already dishonored their clan. Ashan explains how the dead Minbari was also a member of their clan, and their clan wants to get Sheridan off Babylon 5. Too bad everyone else was listening at this. When Sheridan saw the burial plans, he realized the dead Minbari was of the same clan, one of the few things that could induce a Minbari to lie. Ashan is apprehended. To help Lennier’s clan save face, Sheridan accepts only partial vindication.

Finally, Babylon 5 goes commercial to help defray costs. Ivanova hates it,so Sheridan puts her in charge, figuring she would keep it under control. At this point, it is only a test run. At first, Ivanova doesn’t think it is too bad, until she sees a human pull off an alien mask and a Drazi pull off a human mask. Londo gets upset he realizes that some dolls of him are, shall we say, not anatomically correct. Sheridan promises the dolls will be removed. At the end of the day, though, things seem to have been going pretty smoothly. Until Sheridan is shown a “Bab-Bear-Lon 5” bear that has his initials on it. He has the store cleared out and spaces the bear!

Ashan uses events to frame Sheridan.

Guenevere Corey, Sheridan’s lawyer means business.

A moment of perfect beauty.

Vir tells Londo he’s been recalled to Centauri Prime.

Londo doesn’t like a product in the new store.

Zach is on the job again.

Lennier and Ashan face off.

Sheridan likes the bear . . . until he sees the initials and learns what they stand for.


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