Babylon 5: And Now For a Word

A reporter comes to Babylon 5 and gets caught in the crossfire between the Centauri and Narn.

Cynthia Torqueman comes to Babylon 5 to do a special there. She is hard hitting with Delenn, somehow manages to get a glimpse of Kosh, and asks a lot of questions. It is a very interesting format, and because we only see what she sees, it is a different perspective than usual. It is also interesting that some people on Babylon 5 do better in front of a camera than others. We also learn a bit about G’Kar’s past. He joined the resistance after his father was brutally murdered by his Centauri Mistress for spilling a hot drink. It is also made very clear by Senator Quantrel that Earth is not nearly as supportive of Babylon 5 as it once was, and that Earth wants to focus on itself.  Unfortunately, isolationism never works once you have opened the Pandora’s Box already having reached out beyond yourself, whether individually or collectively. But like that fabled box, the one thing still left is hope, which is the optimistic note the piece ends on. Lovely monologue by Sheridan at the end, on par with what Sinclair said back in Infections.

The back story of this report is a Narn transport suddenly firing and destroying a Centauri transport outside the station. The Narn claim that the Centauri are transporting weapons of mass destruction, which they are. things are at a stand off diplomatically, and Centauri and Narn ships start fighting outside the station. This is unacceptable of course to Sheridan, so he has Babylon 5 squadrons break up the fight, and also won’t let any ships from either side leave until expected. The Centauri send in a heavy cruiser to blockade  Babylon 5 until their ships are released. Sheridan calls their bluff, and the first transport is away when a Narn heavy cruiser arrives. The Narn destroy the Centauri, but suffer heavy damage in return, and in an attempt to return to hyperspace, they are destroyed. Babylon 5 will now be on the lookout for weapons transfers off station as well as on.

One final note, a nice piece of Psi Corps propaganda as an advertisement is included for our viewing pleasure.

Cynthia Torqueman, a hard hitting but balanced reporter.

Senator Quantrel, definitely a Clark supporter.

Delenn is upset by Cyntiha’s questioning.

Psi Corps propaganda.

A Centauri war ship threatens Babylon 5.


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