Babylon 5: Knives

An old friend visits Londo to ask him for help, with tragic results. Sheridan starts seeing things that aren’t there, and starts wondering if he is going crazy.

When Garibaldi tells Sheridan about a strange part of the station, roughly analogous to the Bermuda Triangle, Sheridan insists on checking it out – alone. When he does, he encounters a dead Markab. As he is talking to Garibaldi, the Markab grabs Sheridan’s face before going limp again. Sheridan is not so happy to have gone alone now. After checking the captain over, aside from some residual stress from the event, Franklin can’t find a thing wrong. However, Sheridan’s vision keeps getting distorted. When he gets back to his quarters, he dozes, but when he wakes up he finds a grylor, a fierce winged beast he once encountered. Several PPG shots attracts the attention of Mr. Garibaldi, but when he arrives, he sees nothing except damage where the PPG shots went. When Sheridan goes to C&C, he sees the Icarus explode. No one else there sees it. Sheridan wants answers, but Franklin has none. He does, however, give the captain a wrist monitor so he can keep an eye on the captain’s state. Sheridan gets in some more batting practice, when Garibaldi shows up. The one thing he has found out is that the Markab came through sector 14, where Babylon 4 disappeared. Earthgov confiscated all documents relating to the earlier incident with it, but Garibaldi kept a spare and gives it to Sheridan. Back in his quarters, Sheridan looks at the information and sees some similarities between the rift in sector 14 and the distortions and visions he has been seeing. He then sees his parents, who are again not there. Sheridan realizes whatever is in him wants to go to sector 14, so he sneaks out in a starfury. Franklin was alerted by the bracelet that something happened, and he in turn alerts Ivanova and Garibaldi. Garibaldi follows Sheridan to sector 14, where a creature exits Sheridan’s body and returns to the rift. As the captain is now unconscious, Garibaldi tows him back to the station. Franklin is quite excited at the possibility of a species that is so different from their own, when Sheridan explains what happened.

Londo and Vir are discussing Centauri opera, when they are surprised by Londo’s old friend, Urza Jaddo. They grew up together, were dueling partners, and their families have long been allies. Urza has come to ask Londo for his help. A proposal has been presented to the Centaurum, declaring Urza and his house traitor. Londo, knowing Urza’s character, is surprised that such a thing could happen. He is also surprised when Urza says the former Prime Minister Malichi was assassinated, when the official story is he committed suicide at Emperor Turhan’s death. Londo decides to act, asking Lord Refa for help. Refa says the proposal has already passed and tries to discourage Londo, but Londo is insistent. Later, at a banquet given by Urza, Londo tells Urza what he has done. Urza refuses any help Refa might give, however, since Refa was the one who made the proposal against his house. Urza ends up challenging Londo to a duel. Londo has to accept since Urza has too many noble friends. Londo ends up killing Urza, though Urza was the better duelist. Urza arranged this, since if he died, his family would then come under the protection of Londo’s house, and therefore can’t be hurt by the proposal. Londo is deeply affected these events, but refuses to change the course he has set for himself and his people.

Sheridan enjoys baseball during his spare time, when he’s not busy investigating mysterious things.

Who could be threatening Londo?

His old friend, Urza Jaddo, has no qualms pretending to.

When Urza challenges Londo, things become much more serious.

Sheridan has an unexpected visitor in his mind. Sheridan is nice enough to give it a ride home anyway.


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