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Babylon 5: Passing Through Gethsemane

Lyta returns to the station from the Vorlon Homeworld. One of Brother Theo’s associates, a Brother Edward, has a series of strange things happen which points to a mysterious, dark past.

It is a nice way to start the episode with a chess match between Brother Theo and Sheridan, especially since we get to hear one of Delenn’s favorite phrases quoted by Brother Theo (“Faith Manages”) as he beats the Captain. We get introduced to Brother Edward, one of Brother Theo’s companions. He has an interesting exchange of religious ideas with Delenn and Lennier, where we learn some about their beliefs in souls and a bit about Valen and Brother Edward shares some of his feelings about Gethsemane. Unfortunately, strange things keep happening to Brother Edward. He finds a black rose in his bag, the words “Death walks among you” written on the wall in his room, hearing screaming, and horrific images in his mind he has never seen before. Worried, Brother Theo asks Garibaldi and Sheridan to investigate and find out the truth before Brother Edward does. Too bad they don’t. Brother Edward was once a man named Charlie, aka the Black Rose killer, who killed nine women before found, convicted, and personality wiped. Brother Edward is devastated, and goes off on his own. He encounters the families of the victims who have planned all of this, planting the black roses, putting screaming through the PA when he is alone and leaving messages in a substance that looks like blood for the first few minutes. They even went as far as to hire a Centauri telapath to help make Brother Edward remember. By the time Garibaldi and Sheridan have found Brother Edward, he is almost dead. Brother Theo remains with him for his last moments. Garibaldi finds the main perpetraitor, who doesn’t even try to deny what he did. Several weeks later, Sheridan is discussing with Brother Theo the line between justice and revenge the need to forgive, when he is surprised by the appearance of the new Brother Malcolm, Brother Edward’s murderer. Brother Theo asked for him specifically, and reminds Sheridan what he was saying about forgiveness.

Meanwhile, Lyta has returned from the Vorlon homeworld. She won’t say much about what happened. When Dr. Franklin later examines her, he finds seveal anomalies, but Lyta still won’t talk. What she does say is that she will be Kosh’s assistant from now on, and he will protect her from Psi Corps. When Londo tries to threaten her, she threatens back. As she says, she is no longer a member of Psi Corps so she doesn’t have to follow their rules. This actually comes in useful later, when she gets the information Sheridan and Garibaldi needs from the Centauri telepath. At the end, we learn that at least of some of Lyta’s new alterations include gills and some sort of ability to connect with Kosh.

Brother Theo enjoys beating Sheridan at Chess.

Guess whose back? Meet the new aid to Ambassador Kosh.

Brother Edward explains about the Garden of Gethsemane to Delenn and Lennier.

Brother Edward, Delenn, and Lennier enjoy their exchange of religions.

Brother Edward is very distressed to find what he once was.

This is one family member of the victims of the Black Rose Murderer.

Sheridan is surprised to see who the new Brother Malcolm is.

Looks like Lyta had some work done while she was on the Vorlon homeworld.


Babylon 5: A Day in the Strife

The arrival of a new Narn representative on Babylon 5 forces G’Kar to make some difficult decisions. Franklin starts down a bad path. An alien probe excites the crew of the station.

This episode starts with Sheridan and Ivanova dealing with the transport guild. The station is being forced to take stronger security measures, and naturally this will lead to more time to get through customs, higher fees to pay for more workers and equipment, or both. The transport guild isn’t happy about this. Sheridan manages to defuse the situation (interesting way he does that, by the way), at least for the time being, but the central issues remain unresolved.

Na’Far arrives on Babylon 5 as the new Narn representative. Sheridan knows this could cause problems with the local Narn population and G’Kar, and refuses to act on this matter. Londo treats Na’Far in quite a demeaning way. Vir is disgusted by this and with Londo’s recent actions, which he doesn’t mince words about. In response, Londo claims his favor from Delenn that she agreed to for his help in A Voice in the Wilderness. This favor is to send Vir as the new Centauri representative to Minbar. Delenn is at first reluctant, but in the end agrees. Vir is rather upset by the news when Londo tells him. He wants to stay and help Londo and be there for him, but Londo insists and Vir goes to Minbar.

Garibaldi notices that Franklin may be using stims. When he invites the doctor over for dinner to talk about it, Franklin is very defensive and insists he isn’t overdoing things. Garibaldi eventually backs off. During this stressful day, however, Franklin resists using stims the first time, but later does use them. At the end of the day, he lies about this to Garibaldi. This is not a good sign.

A probe comes into Babylon 5 space, promising advancements in technology and medicine if they can answer a number of questions. If they fail to answer the questions, the station will be destroyed. The crew scrambles to figure out what they can on their own and send to Earth for the rest. In the end, Sheridan questions why an alien race would on the one hand offer all this advancement if they can answer the questions while threatening to destroy the station if they can’t. He thinks the alien probe is really sent to destroy others who are more advanced than themselves. This gamble quite annoys Ivanova, but it pays off. They don’t send the answers and the station is not destroyed. As the probe leaves, Sheridan sends a security-bot out to transmit the answers from there to prevent more problems from it. This of course means, he and Ivanova still have to go meet again with the Transportation Guild.

Na’Far tells G’Kar of the problems the Narn resistance is causing on their homeworld for normal Narns. He tells G’Kar the families of those on Babylon 5 will be harassed or worse if G’Kar doesn’t return home. Ta’Lon is there to protect Na’Far, but the longer he is with the other Narn, the more he questions what they are doing. When a Narn attacks Na’Far, Ta’Lon protects him and G’Kar is outraged at the actions of his fellow Narns. He agrees to return home. Later at a speech Na’Far makes, he argues what could be more important than the safety of their families? Ta’Lon replies their freedom. He and the other Narns convince G’Kar to stay.

Na’Far doesn’t like the Centauri, but he wants to protect his people.

Garibaldi’s little chat with Franklin about stims doesn’t go as well as he would like.

Poor Vir doesn’t want to go to Minbar as the Centauri representative. Actually, Londo won’t say it but I don’t think he wants Vir to go either, even if this was his idea.

Franklin, even if you don’t admit it to yourself, you have a problem.

The probe leaves without going boom.

G’Kar is happy to be convinced to stay on Babylon 5.

Ta’Lon is happy G’Kar is staying as well, even if he does have to cut himself to satisfy ritual.

I think Sheridan and Ivanova would rather deal with the probe than the transportation guild.

Babylon 5: Convictions

A bomber with seemingly no motive targets Babylon 5. Ivanova enlists some unusual people to help with the case. Lennier saves Londo, putting his own life at risk.

Brother Theo has led a bunch of his people to Babylon 5. They have the skills to support themselves, but their mission is to find all the faces of God. Hence, they want to talk with as many alien races as will allow them.

Ivanova gets a message in C&C: Chaos is coming. Chaos indeed comes when a bomb goes off. Garibaldi and his bomb expert Hiroshi figure out it was a bomb since there was nothing in the area that could have exploded like that. Lennier gets caught in the next explosion when he pulls Delenn and then Londo out and doesn’t manage to get out himself before the shield doors come down. Londo is rather touched by Lennier’s act, so he spends some time with the unconscious Lennier in medlab to show his gratitude. When he isn’t in medlab, he is trying to convince Sheridan that Narns are the culprits. G’Kar is trying to convince Garibaldi that the Centauri are responsible. The fact of the matter is, the bombs don’t seem to be political in nature, which makes it an even more difficult case to crack. They figure fear may be what the perpetrator is after, and Ivanova suggests they look for the same person at each of the bombing aftermaths. Garibaldi thinks this is impossible, too much footage and to difficult to give parameters to a computer, but Ivanova¬† gets Brother Theo and his monks to do this. Brother Theo and his people are successful (they are experts, after all), and see one person in all the footage: Robert Carlson. His last residence before Babylon 5 was the place where the bomb parts came from and they also had a rash of bombings. When Garibaldi and his people go to arrest Carlson, he sets of yet another bomb (number five or six by now, I think) and says he wants to talk with the Captain. Sheridan agrees, much to Garibaldi’s reluctance. Still, Sheridan has little choice when Carlson threatens to detonate the largest bomb yet. Garibaldi and his men can’t rush him, since Carlson is holding down a switch. Sheridan hides his comlink. Carlson is probably crazy, and certainly angry about a number of things that have happened: loosing his job, his wife leaving, loosing his apartment. No matter what Sheridan says, Carlson doesn’t seem to calm down or any inclination to be cooperative. However, Garibaldi hears through Sheridan’s comlink that this last bomb would be as bright as the sun. The other bombs weren’t nearly as big, but he figures as a maintainance worker he had access to the stations fusion reactor. Indeed, a bomb is found there, and Garibaldi’s people get rid of it just as Carlson realizes he is being listened in on and drops the trigger. When the station doesn’t explode, Sheridan knocks him out and gives Carlson to Garibaldi.

Meanwhile, during one of the later bombings, G’Kar was in an elevator and Londo was just telling G’Kar he would wait when a bomb goes off. Londo jumps in to save himself, leaving him trapped with G’Kar. G’Kar won’t lift a finger to help, even though the flames outside are suffocating them. G’Kar would rather see Londo dead. He can’t kill Londo without five hundred Narn being killed, but he finds it extremely amusing that he can get his wish just be doing nothing. Londo, on the other hand, isn’t amused. Too bad for G’Kar, the two are found before they die of suffocation.

Brother Theo, a believer in an unbelieving age.

Lennier has an annoying man to keep him company as he waits for Delenn’s return.

Londo tells Lennier bad Centauri jokes to thank him for saving his life. Too bad Lennier is in a coma.

Garibaldi consults with bombing expert Hiroshi.

“Not many fishes left in the sea/Not many fishes, just Londo and me.” G’Kar, I don’t think that is making Londo feel any better about you killing the both of you by doing nothing.

Robert Carlson, probably crazy, definately angry.

Sheridan doesn’t like Carlson very much. He probably can’t decide whether to be angry or afraid of the bomber.

Babylon 5: Matters of Honor

The Babylon Project was our last, best hope for peace. It failed. But in the year of the Shadow War, it became something greater: our last, best hope for victory. The year is 2260. The place, Babylon 5.

I absolutely love the opening. They start with some of the music played during the destruction of the Narn fleet in The Long Twilight Struggle, followed by The Requium of the Line. It isn’t pretty, but it isn’t meant to be. It is meant to convey the destruction of earlier hopes and dreams. And the montage is terrific. The most chilling part is the beginning that shows Babylon 5 with two starfurries in the foreground and one destroys the other. Yep, not only the Shadow War is heating up, but things on Earth are coming to a head as well, both of which are conveyed very well in this first episode of season three.

An official comes to Babylon 5, trying to discover what the new race is. A Ranger comes begging Sheridan and Delenn for help. Sheridan gets a late Christmas present.

Londo has called Mr. Morden, wanting to sever relations with them. He has become very suspicious of Mr. Morden and his associates. Mr. Morden agrees, with the understanding that the Centauri can do whatever they want in a certain area, and the Shadows will concentrate in another area. The one exception is a Drazi colony, Zagros 7. The Centauri have already blockaded the planet, and Morden suggests Londo get his forces out of there before his associates show up. How did Morden get the Centauri to secure the planet for him? He got Refa to do it for him.

So why are the Shadows interested in Zagros 7? There is a Ranger training base there. One manages to get past the blockade and limps to Babylon 5 for help. He is taken to Medlab, but while Franklin’s back is turned, the Ranger leaves. Lennier gets Delenn, and they go to an unsavory area of Downbelow to meet the Ranger. His name is Marcus Cole, and he has come for help. Before they can get back to more civilized areas, a thug and his gang try to accost them, which is a bad idea. Marcus is well trained. Marcus later explains to Garibaldi, Sheridan, Ivanova, and the Minbari about the blockade around Zagros 7. He assures Sheridan he has a way of doing it that won’t lead back Babylon 5. Sheridan agrees to help, leaving Garibaldi in charge. Delenn and Marcus take Sheridan and the rest to a new ship: the White Star. She is a Minbari-Vorlon hybrid and thus will be unrecognizable. She is super fast and can make a jumppoint, something most ships her size can’t do. I think Sheridan likes the new ship, which is his to command. They go to Zagros 7 and start taking out the blockade. Sheridan doesn’t like it that there are no Shadow ships. He is right to be worried. A Shadow ship shows up. The White Star manage to break the blockade enough that the Rangers can escape. Then they go through the jumpgate. The Shadow ship follows them into hyperspace. When they get to the Markab jumpgate, they enter normal space, and before they clear the jumpgate they activate a jumppoint in it. The resulting explosion destroys the Shadow ship and knocks the White Star around. The mission is a success.

Meanwhile, Mr. David Endawi has come from Earth to try to find out what the race is that was caught on camera by Keefer before he died. Sheridan and Delenn say they have never seen that ship before, which at this point is strictly true. Mr. Endawi talks with many of the races on board. Londo is one of the first, but all Londo can say is he has seen that ship in his nightmares. While the others are gone, Garibaldi shows Mr. Endawi around and tries to deflect his questions about the Captain and Commander. Garibaldi suggests that he talk with G’Kar unofficially. G’Kar shows Mr. Endawi the Book of G’Quan, which has a picture of a Shadow vessel and tells of how the Shadows came a thousand years ago. After Mr. Endawi gives his report back on Earth and leaves, we see Mr. Morden and a Psi Cop talking with the very Senator Mr. Endawi reported to.

Morden agrees to Londo’s request to “go away”. Too bad there’s a catch.

David Endawi wants to find out what the other races know about the Shadows.

Londo’s nightmare. Too bad it is closer to becoming reality than he knows.

Marcus Cole – Ranger, British, and way too cool for his own good. Petty thugs don’t stand a chance against him.

Sheridan’s late Christmas present, a Minbari-Vorlon hybred ship known as the White Star.

Delenn gives Sheridan the quick tour of the White Star. I know you want to play, Captain, but duty calls.

The Shadows are targeting the White Star.

Lennier and Delenn are relieved that they survived.

Babylon 5: The Fall of Night

Officials from Earth come to investigate the Centauri, though unfortunately not for the purpose the command staff hopes for. When Sheridan agrees to help a damaged Narn cruiser, the station is placed in danger. Kosh makes an appearance.

Mr. Frederick Lantze and Mr. Wells arrive on station. Mr. Wells is there to meet with local members of the Nightwatch. When he feels out Ivanova on joining the organization, she disappoints him. Zach is starting to feel uncomfortable about teh type of information Nightwatch is looking for.

Mr. Lantze is there to see in person the situation with the Centauri. And that situation has deteriorated, with the Centauri now starting small wars with their other neighbors, members of the League of Non-Aligned Words. Sheridan is at first optimistic at this sign that Earth is taking active interest. Unfortunately, when G’Kar tries to talk with Mr. Lantze, he refuses to even speak with the former ambassador. Later, when he learns about the station fighter squadrons practicing anti-Centauri combat, he is very upset. He did come to the station to look over the situation, and now he wants to make a non-aggression with the Centauri.

Sheridan and his crew are upset about this, especially since a Narn cruiser limped to Babylon 5 seeking sanctuary. Sheridan granted that, and he even promised to protect them while their jump engines were off so they could make repairs more quickly. Unfortunately, someone on the command deck is a member of Nightwatch and reported this to Wells, who reported it to Lantze, who reported it to Londo. Londo and Lantze are both very upset. Londo has gone so far as to call in a Centauri cruiser. Sheridan protects both it and the station, and in the process the Centauri cruiser is destroyed while the Narn ship makes it to the jumpgate.

Lantze is absolutely furious. Wells will go so far as to admit Sheridan did right in protecting the station, but his actions when the Narn cruiser arrived were not correct. Sheridan is ordered by the Joint Chiefs and President Clark to apoligize, though he can phrase the apology any way he wants. Sheridan’s version of the apology is rather amusing. Unfortunately, he never gets to give it, since on his way to the Zen garden, a Centauri plants a bomb in the shuttle. Sheridan jumps out before it explodes, but he will be killed when he reaches the station sides. Delenn implores Kosh to save Sheridan. Kosh emerges from his encounter suit and appears as an angel to every race there. He brings Sheridan safely down. Londo is the only one who can’t see him. Sheridan later wonders about Kosh’s true intentions in hiding his appearance.

Meanwhile, Keefer got some information from a pilot named Mitch about some emissions that Shadow vessels make in hyperspace. When all squads are called to protect the station, Keefer escorts the Narn ship through the jumpgate. He sees the emissions and separates from the other fighters. He captures video of the Shadow vessel and sets it loose with a homing beacon before being killed. ISN gets hold of the footage and broadcasts it.

I have to include this one since this scene is so funny with Lennier and Vir commiserating and not listening to each other and yet their comments could apply equally to either ambassador that they are referring to.

Mitch is skeptical that Keffer wants to seriously talk to him about the Shadows.

David Corwin, third in line of command, has been seen before, but I haven’t posted him yet.

Frederick Lantze, member of the Ministry of Peace, though not Nightwatch. I can respect his desire for peace, but sometimes peace is just not possible.

Mr Wells, Nightwatch official.

Zach starts to become worried about being a member of Nightwatch.

Keefer finds the Shadows.

So long, Keefer. Been nice knowing you.

Delenn pleads with Kosh to save Sheridan.

And lo, Kosh obliges.

It was the end of the Earth Year 2259, and the war was upon us. As anticipated, a few days after the Earth-Centauri treaty was announced, the Centauri widened the war to include many of the Non-Aligned Worlds. And there was another war brewing closer to home, a personal one whose cost would be higher than any of us could imagine. We came to this place because Babyon 5 was our last, best hope for peace. By the end of 2259, we knew that it had failed. But in so doing, it became something greater. As the war expanded, it became our last, best hope . . . for victory. Because sometimes peace is another word for surrender. And because secrets have a way of getting out.

And thus ends season. Season three starts next week. Look forward to it!

Babylon 5: Comes the Inquisitor

Kosh summons an inquisitor to test Delenn, much to Sheridan’s dismay. G’Kar must find a way to keep the Narn on Babylon 5 united.

Let’s start with G’Kar. He his being very noisy, trying to get support and remind people that they are still there. He is also busy buying weapons to try to get to Narn. Garibaldi makes G’Kar find another place to send the weapons through. When G’Kar agrees, Garibaldi gives G’Kar a contact at a lonely jumpgate where things are frequently smuggled. Unfortunately, some of the Narn on Babylon 5 don’t believe G’Kar can deliver the weapons. If G’Kar can get a message from one of the Narn’s families when there has been no communication except official Centauri lines since the occupation, G’Kar may remain as leader. He asks Garibaldi and Sheridan for help. Sheridan decides to get the rangers involved in this mission. They are successful, and G’Kar remains leader of the Narn on Babylon 5.

Meanwhile, Kosh sends for an inquisitor to test Delenn’s resolve and purity of purpose. Sheridan immediately dislikes the guy, Sebastian, the moment he arrives. However, Delenn is determined to go through with the interrogation. Sebastian keeps asking Delenn a question, who are you. When he is displeased with her answer, he administers pain through manacles which Delenn must keep on or be found unworthy. When Lennier sees what is happening, he asks Sheridan to get involved, which he does. Sheridan, however, quickly finds himself at the mercy of Sebastian. In the end, Delenn offers her life for Sheridan’s (Sheridan has already implied the same through showing up and him urging Delenn to get away). This causes both Sheridan and Delenn to pass the test: being willing to give up your life for one person without any recognition, glory, and all alone.

Later, Sheridan does some research on Sebastian. It turns out Sebastian is really Jack the Ripper, and was taken by the Vorlons to be shown his mistakes and to make atonement by being their inquisitor. We never see Sebastian again, but we do see the excellent actor who portrayed him again in a different part.

We haven’t seen Vir lately, and this is a cool shot of him.

Kosh, sending for Sebastian wasn’t very nice.

Sebastian, a dark man with a dark past in service to the Vorlons as an inquisitor.

Sebastian doesn’t like Delenn’s answers to his questions.

Sebastian wants to play with Sheridan as well. Well, Sheridan did try to interfere.

Babylon 5: The Long, Twilight Struggle

Sheridan gets an offer he can’t refuse from Draal. The Narn-Centauri War reaches it’s peak.

Let’s start with the lightest story first. Draal invites Sheridan down to Epsilon 3 for a visit. He says he may bring one other, which is obviously Delenn. Nice timing for Draal’s visit, by the way – right as Sheridan gets out of the Shower. Draal seems different from before, younger, more energetic. Delenn says he is as he was decades ago when he was her mentor – the effect of the Great Machine. Once under the planet’s surface, they meet Draal again, who says how he has been watching Sheridan. He knows about the Icarus and Anna, about the Shadows, and about Sheridan’s own “conspiracy of light” against his own government. And Draal proposes an alliance. Sheridan readily agrees. That is when Draal feels something momentous happen, and tells Sheridan he is needed back on station. We also learn (though we don’t actually see him) that Za’thras is apparently one of the helpers down on the planet.

Why does Draal send Sheridan back? To understand, we need to backtrack. G’Kar is told by his uncle, Warleader G’Stan, that the Narn are loosing badly. Their only chance is to hit the Centauri supply line hard and make them pause, but this requires the use of the bulk of their forces. G’Kar is worried that the Narn homeworld will be vulnerable, but G’Stan sees no alternative.

Unfortunately, Refa has through his agents learned of this plan. He has recalled Londo to Centauri Prime. He has the Centauri forces in hyperspace waiting to attack the Narn homeworld. He wants Londo’s associates to attack the Narn fleet. Londo is reluctant to bring the Shadows in again, having second thoughts. Refa argues that a quick win to the war will save Centauri lives. So Londo agrees, but says it is the last time.

Dr. Franklin calls in G’Kar to medlab. He talked to a refuge who was tortured by the Centauri and asked about defenses to the Narn homeworld. Also, the Centauri seem they may bypass the last Narn colonies to hit the Narn homeworld. G’Kar tells this to G’Stan, but the information is not enough to convince the old Narn. Unfortunately, G’Kar is right. The Shadows hit the Narn. When the Narn fleet tries to flee, the Shadows destabilize the jump points, destroying the fleet. And the Centauri fleet starts using weapons of mass destruction against Narn. Londo realizes his error, but it is too late.

The last order G’Kar has from his government is to ask for sanctuary on Babylon 5, which Sheridan readily gives. When Londo returns to Babylon 5, he announces the surrender of Narn and the terms: the Kha’Ri disolved, Narn as a Centauri protectorate, five hundred Narn killed for any Centauri, and G’Kar returned to Narn to face trial with the rest of the Kha’Ri. Sheridan refuses on this last point, and since Earth didn’t sign the surrender they have no obligation to honor it. But Londo still wants G’Kar removed from the counsel. To prevent further problems for Sheridan, G’Kar leaves, but not before giving a stirring speech about freedom. Later Sheridan pledges all is support in helping G’Kar win back the Narn homeworld.

Finally, as Draal asked earlier, Delenn introduces Sheridan to the Rangers and gives him co-command over the Rangers in their area – the first good news of the day. Sheridan gives a speech himself about standing firm against the darkness, whatever it’s form.

In my humble opinion, Refa wants that throne a little too much.

Warleader G’stan, a powerful Narn and G’Kar’s uncle. He should have listened to his nephew.

Draal seems to have adapted to the Great Machine well.

G’Kar somehow knows the Narn fleet has been destroyed by the Shadows.

Narn is being bombed back into the stone age.

Not for the last time, Londo is thinking “what have I done?”.

G’Kar faces Londo. If I were Londo, I would never sleep soundly again.

Delenn introduces Sheridan to the Rangers. Finally, something to be hopeful about.

Babylon 5: Divided Loyalties

Lyta Alexander returns to the station with news that there is a traitor on board. This forces Ivanova to face some things about herself.

On Mars, a Ranger is given some information that must reach Babylon 5 at all costs. On Babylon 5, Sheridan asks Garibaldi about bringing Talia into their conspiracy, and Garibaldi thinks it is a good idea. Meanwhile, Ivanova and Talia have become quite friendly, eating breakfast together. Something is wrong with Talia’s quarters so Ivanova invites her over for the night. They get interrupted by C&C. A ship has come through the jumpgate and is just sitting there. There are also signs that it was in a fight. When pulled aboard, it is discovered someone is still alive in there – Lyta Alexander, the first telepath on Babylon 5. When she awakes in MedLab, Lyta insists on seeing the command staff immediately and not being left alone. When she does see the command staff, she explains Psi Corps never believed that what she told them regarding scanning Kosh was all that she saw. She joined the Mars Resistance and wants to go to the Vorlon Homewolrd, even though no one goes there. But before she does that, he had to come warn Babylon 5 that their is a traitor in their midst implanted with a second personality by Psi Corps, “Control”, and it could be anyone. However, Lyta has the password to bring out the second personality. She doesn’t even need to scan, just send the password. Everyone, especially Ivanova, is not thrilled by this.

Sheridan is worried about this situation, and Delenn makes him feel better. They also hold hands for the first time. That night, Ivanova asks Talia about Lyta, but while they once worked together and were friendly, Talia doesn’t know much more. When Lyta is being transfered to a secure area with a bed, one security guard is killed and the other wounded. Lyta barely gets away.

The next day, Lyta gets Delenn to help her. Delenn tells Sheridan she knows where Lyta is and that Lyta is still willing to try and find “Control”. Sheridan is now ready to agree to Lyta’s plan. Ivanova is not, however. Ivanova later confides in Sheridan that not only was her mother a telepath, she is also a telepath, a very low level one. But that is enough for Psi Corps, so her mother taught her how to hide herself. And that is why she never wants anyone in her mind. Sheridan says he’ll try to think of something. So when Lyta shows up again, he, Franklin, and Garibaldi have the password sent to them and come up clean (though Garibaldi tries to fake them out). Before going to Ivanova, Sheridan has them go through a ton of command staff. After seeing tons of his people, Lyta says the further away from the center of power on Babylon 5, the less likely the person is “Control”. Ivanova finally reluctantly agrees to have the password sent to her, and she too is clean.¬† Talia then comes in for something from Sheridan, Lyta sends the password, and Talia reacts big time. She is “Control”. Sheridan has her confined to quarters until she is recalled to Earth. Ivanova tries to talk to the original Talia, but she no longer exists. Garibaldi and Sheridan are very glad Talia doesn’t know any more than she does. And Lyta goes to see Kosh before leaving.

Lyta Alexander is back, and ready to defend herself.

Ivanova has a secret she is forced to share.

Lyta will send the password to everyone until she finds “Control”.

Garibaldi thinks things need some lightening up. Now isn’t the time to play peak-a-boo, Garibaldi.

Talia is “Control”. Too bad the Talia we knew and loved was gone.

What does Lyta see when see looks at Kosh?