Babylon 5: Divided Loyalties

Lyta Alexander returns to the station with news that there is a traitor on board. This forces Ivanova to face some things about herself.

On Mars, a Ranger is given some information that must reach Babylon 5 at all costs. On Babylon 5, Sheridan asks Garibaldi about bringing Talia into their conspiracy, and Garibaldi thinks it is a good idea. Meanwhile, Ivanova and Talia have become quite friendly, eating breakfast together. Something is wrong with Talia’s quarters so Ivanova invites her over for the night. They get interrupted by C&C. A ship has come through the jumpgate and is just sitting there. There are also signs that it was in a fight. When pulled aboard, it is discovered someone is still alive in there – Lyta Alexander, the first telepath on Babylon 5. When she awakes in MedLab, Lyta insists on seeing the command staff immediately and not being left alone. When she does see the command staff, she explains Psi Corps never believed that what she told them regarding scanning Kosh was all that she saw. She joined the Mars Resistance and wants to go to the Vorlon Homewolrd, even though no one goes there. But before she does that, he had to come warn Babylon 5 that their is a traitor in their midst implanted with a second personality by Psi Corps, “Control”, and it could be anyone. However, Lyta has the password to bring out the second personality. She doesn’t even need to scan, just send the password. Everyone, especially Ivanova, is not thrilled by this.

Sheridan is worried about this situation, and Delenn makes him feel better. They also hold hands for the first time. That night, Ivanova asks Talia about Lyta, but while they once worked together and were friendly, Talia doesn’t know much more. When Lyta is being transfered to a secure area with a bed, one security guard is killed and the other wounded. Lyta barely gets away.

The next day, Lyta gets Delenn to help her. Delenn tells Sheridan she knows where Lyta is and that Lyta is still willing to try and find “Control”. Sheridan is now ready to agree to Lyta’s plan. Ivanova is not, however. Ivanova later confides in Sheridan that not only was her mother a telepath, she is also a telepath, a very low level one. But that is enough for Psi Corps, so her mother taught her how to hide herself. And that is why she never wants anyone in her mind. Sheridan says he’ll try to think of something. So when Lyta shows up again, he, Franklin, and Garibaldi have the password sent to them and come up clean (though Garibaldi tries to fake them out). Before going to Ivanova, Sheridan has them go through a ton of command staff. After seeing tons of his people, Lyta says the further away from the center of power on Babylon 5, the less likely the person is “Control”. Ivanova finally reluctantly agrees to have the password sent to her, and she too is clean.  Talia then comes in for something from Sheridan, Lyta sends the password, and Talia reacts big time. She is “Control”. Sheridan has her confined to quarters until she is recalled to Earth. Ivanova tries to talk to the original Talia, but she no longer exists. Garibaldi and Sheridan are very glad Talia doesn’t know any more than she does. And Lyta goes to see Kosh before leaving.

Lyta Alexander is back, and ready to defend herself.

Ivanova has a secret she is forced to share.

Lyta will send the password to everyone until she finds “Control”.

Garibaldi thinks things need some lightening up. Now isn’t the time to play peak-a-boo, Garibaldi.

Talia is “Control”. Too bad the Talia we knew and loved was gone.

What does Lyta see when see looks at Kosh?


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