Babylon 5: Comes the Inquisitor

Kosh summons an inquisitor to test Delenn, much to Sheridan’s dismay. G’Kar must find a way to keep the Narn on Babylon 5 united.

Let’s start with G’Kar. He his being very noisy, trying to get support and remind people that they are still there. He is also busy buying weapons to try to get to Narn. Garibaldi makes G’Kar find another place to send the weapons through. When G’Kar agrees, Garibaldi gives G’Kar a contact at a lonely jumpgate where things are frequently smuggled. Unfortunately, some of the Narn on Babylon 5 don’t believe G’Kar can deliver the weapons. If G’Kar can get a message from one of the Narn’s families when there has been no communication except official Centauri lines since the occupation, G’Kar may remain as leader. He asks Garibaldi and Sheridan for help. Sheridan decides to get the rangers involved in this mission. They are successful, and G’Kar remains leader of the Narn on Babylon 5.

Meanwhile, Kosh sends for an inquisitor to test Delenn’s resolve and purity of purpose. Sheridan immediately dislikes the guy, Sebastian, the moment he arrives. However, Delenn is determined to go through with the interrogation. Sebastian keeps asking Delenn a question, who are you. When he is displeased with her answer, he administers pain through manacles which Delenn must keep on or be found unworthy. When Lennier sees what is happening, he asks Sheridan to get involved, which he does. Sheridan, however, quickly finds himself at the mercy of Sebastian. In the end, Delenn offers her life for Sheridan’s (Sheridan has already implied the same through showing up and him urging Delenn to get away). This causes both Sheridan and Delenn to pass the test: being willing to give up your life for one person without any recognition, glory, and all alone.

Later, Sheridan does some research on Sebastian. It turns out Sebastian is really Jack the Ripper, and was taken by the Vorlons to be shown his mistakes and to make atonement by being their inquisitor. We never see Sebastian again, but we do see the excellent actor who portrayed him again in a different part.

We haven’t seen Vir lately, and this is a cool shot of him.

Kosh, sending for Sebastian wasn’t very nice.

Sebastian, a dark man with a dark past in service to the Vorlons as an inquisitor.

Sebastian doesn’t like Delenn’s answers to his questions.

Sebastian wants to play with Sheridan as well. Well, Sheridan did try to interfere.


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  1. Rosie on

    I used to ignore or dismiss “Comes the Inquisitor” for many years. But when I watched the episode lately, I discovered that it was actually very interesting. Especially the discussion between Sebastian and Delenn.

    Perhaps some of us have to be a little older to truly understand and appreciate this episode.

  2. stacey on

    Im new to the series. and have been zooming through all the boxsets. and this is one of my favourite episodes. the words he says. how he speaks them. their is alot of wisdom in what he says. their is also hints in the episode that he already knows the final outcome. because when sheridan came in he said ‘and now the final piece of the puzzle arives’ or something along those lines.

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