Babylon 5: The Fall of Night

Officials from Earth come to investigate the Centauri, though unfortunately not for the purpose the command staff hopes for. When Sheridan agrees to help a damaged Narn cruiser, the station is placed in danger. Kosh makes an appearance.

Mr. Frederick Lantze and Mr. Wells arrive on station. Mr. Wells is there to meet with local members of the Nightwatch. When he feels out Ivanova on joining the organization, she disappoints him. Zach is starting to feel uncomfortable about teh type of information Nightwatch is looking for.

Mr. Lantze is there to see in person the situation with the Centauri. And that situation has deteriorated, with the Centauri now starting small wars with their other neighbors, members of the League of Non-Aligned Words. Sheridan is at first optimistic at this sign that Earth is taking active interest. Unfortunately, when G’Kar tries to talk with Mr. Lantze, he refuses to even speak with the former ambassador. Later, when he learns about the station fighter squadrons practicing anti-Centauri combat, he is very upset. He did come to the station to look over the situation, and now he wants to make a non-aggression with the Centauri.

Sheridan and his crew are upset about this, especially since a Narn cruiser limped to Babylon 5 seeking sanctuary. Sheridan granted that, and he even promised to protect them while their jump engines were off so they could make repairs more quickly. Unfortunately, someone on the command deck is a member of Nightwatch and reported this to Wells, who reported it to Lantze, who reported it to Londo. Londo and Lantze are both very upset. Londo has gone so far as to call in a Centauri cruiser. Sheridan protects both it and the station, and in the process the Centauri cruiser is destroyed while the Narn ship makes it to the jumpgate.

Lantze is absolutely furious. Wells will go so far as to admit Sheridan did right in protecting the station, but his actions when the Narn cruiser arrived were not correct. Sheridan is ordered by the Joint Chiefs and President Clark to apoligize, though he can phrase the apology any way he wants. Sheridan’s version of the apology is rather amusing. Unfortunately, he never gets to give it, since on his way to the Zen garden, a Centauri plants a bomb in the shuttle. Sheridan jumps out before it explodes, but he will be killed when he reaches the station sides. Delenn implores Kosh to save Sheridan. Kosh emerges from his encounter suit and appears as an angel to every race there. He brings Sheridan safely down. Londo is the only one who can’t see him. Sheridan later wonders about Kosh’s true intentions in hiding his appearance.

Meanwhile, Keefer got some information from a pilot named Mitch about some emissions that Shadow vessels make in hyperspace. When all squads are called to protect the station, Keefer escorts the Narn ship through the jumpgate. He sees the emissions and separates from the other fighters. He captures video of the Shadow vessel and sets it loose with a homing beacon before being killed. ISN gets hold of the footage and broadcasts it.

I have to include this one since this scene is so funny with Lennier and Vir commiserating and not listening to each other and yet their comments could apply equally to either ambassador that they are referring to.

Mitch is skeptical that Keffer wants to seriously talk to him about the Shadows.

David Corwin, third in line of command, has been seen before, but I haven’t posted him yet.

Frederick Lantze, member of the Ministry of Peace, though not Nightwatch. I can respect his desire for peace, but sometimes peace is just not possible.

Mr Wells, Nightwatch official.

Zach starts to become worried about being a member of Nightwatch.

Keefer finds the Shadows.

So long, Keefer. Been nice knowing you.

Delenn pleads with Kosh to save Sheridan.

And lo, Kosh obliges.

It was the end of the Earth Year 2259, and the war was upon us. As anticipated, a few days after the Earth-Centauri treaty was announced, the Centauri widened the war to include many of the Non-Aligned Worlds. And there was another war brewing closer to home, a personal one whose cost would be higher than any of us could imagine. We came to this place because Babyon 5 was our last, best hope for peace. By the end of 2259, we knew that it had failed. But in so doing, it became something greater. As the war expanded, it became our last, best hope . . . for victory. Because sometimes peace is another word for surrender. And because secrets have a way of getting out.

And thus ends season. Season three starts next week. Look forward to it!


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