Babylon 5: Matters of Honor

The Babylon Project was our last, best hope for peace. It failed. But in the year of the Shadow War, it became something greater: our last, best hope for victory. The year is 2260. The place, Babylon 5.

I absolutely love the opening. They start with some of the music played during the destruction of the Narn fleet in The Long Twilight Struggle, followed by The Requium of the Line. It isn’t pretty, but it isn’t meant to be. It is meant to convey the destruction of earlier hopes and dreams. And the montage is terrific. The most chilling part is the beginning that shows Babylon 5 with two starfurries in the foreground and one destroys the other. Yep, not only the Shadow War is heating up, but things on Earth are coming to a head as well, both of which are conveyed very well in this first episode of season three.

An official comes to Babylon 5, trying to discover what the new race is. A Ranger comes begging Sheridan and Delenn for help. Sheridan gets a late Christmas present.

Londo has called Mr. Morden, wanting to sever relations with them. He has become very suspicious of Mr. Morden and his associates. Mr. Morden agrees, with the understanding that the Centauri can do whatever they want in a certain area, and the Shadows will concentrate in another area. The one exception is a Drazi colony, Zagros 7. The Centauri have already blockaded the planet, and Morden suggests Londo get his forces out of there before his associates show up. How did Morden get the Centauri to secure the planet for him? He got Refa to do it for him.

So why are the Shadows interested in Zagros 7? There is a Ranger training base there. One manages to get past the blockade and limps to Babylon 5 for help. He is taken to Medlab, but while Franklin’s back is turned, the Ranger leaves. Lennier gets Delenn, and they go to an unsavory area of Downbelow to meet the Ranger. His name is Marcus Cole, and he has come for help. Before they can get back to more civilized areas, a thug and his gang try to accost them, which is a bad idea. Marcus is well trained. Marcus later explains to Garibaldi, Sheridan, Ivanova, and the Minbari about the blockade around Zagros 7. He assures Sheridan he has a way of doing it that won’t lead back Babylon 5. Sheridan agrees to help, leaving Garibaldi in charge. Delenn and Marcus take Sheridan and the rest to a new ship: the White Star. She is a Minbari-Vorlon hybrid and thus will be unrecognizable. She is super fast and can make a jumppoint, something most ships her size can’t do. I think Sheridan likes the new ship, which is his to command. They go to Zagros 7 and start taking out the blockade. Sheridan doesn’t like it that there are no Shadow ships. He is right to be worried. A Shadow ship shows up. The White Star manage to break the blockade enough that the Rangers can escape. Then they go through the jumpgate. The Shadow ship follows them into hyperspace. When they get to the Markab jumpgate, they enter normal space, and before they clear the jumpgate they activate a jumppoint in it. The resulting explosion destroys the Shadow ship and knocks the White Star around. The mission is a success.

Meanwhile, Mr. David Endawi has come from Earth to try to find out what the race is that was caught on camera by Keefer before he died. Sheridan and Delenn say they have never seen that ship before, which at this point is strictly true. Mr. Endawi talks with many of the races on board. Londo is one of the first, but all Londo can say is he has seen that ship in his nightmares. While the others are gone, Garibaldi shows Mr. Endawi around and tries to deflect his questions about the Captain and Commander. Garibaldi suggests that he talk with G’Kar unofficially. G’Kar shows Mr. Endawi the Book of G’Quan, which has a picture of a Shadow vessel and tells of how the Shadows came a thousand years ago. After Mr. Endawi gives his report back on Earth and leaves, we see Mr. Morden and a Psi Cop talking with the very Senator Mr. Endawi reported to.

Morden agrees to Londo’s request to “go away”. Too bad there’s a catch.

David Endawi wants to find out what the other races know about the Shadows.

Londo’s nightmare. Too bad it is closer to becoming reality than he knows.

Marcus Cole – Ranger, British, and way too cool for his own good. Petty thugs don’t stand a chance against him.

Sheridan’s late Christmas present, a Minbari-Vorlon hybred ship known as the White Star.

Delenn gives Sheridan the quick tour of the White Star. I know you want to play, Captain, but duty calls.

The Shadows are targeting the White Star.

Lennier and Delenn are relieved that they survived.


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