Babylon 5: Convictions

A bomber with seemingly no motive targets Babylon 5. Ivanova enlists some unusual people to help with the case. Lennier saves Londo, putting his own life at risk.

Brother Theo has led a bunch of his people to Babylon 5. They have the skills to support themselves, but their mission is to find all the faces of God. Hence, they want to talk with as many alien races as will allow them.

Ivanova gets a message in C&C: Chaos is coming. Chaos indeed comes when a bomb goes off. Garibaldi and his bomb expert Hiroshi figure out it was a bomb since there was nothing in the area that could have exploded like that. Lennier gets caught in the next explosion when he pulls Delenn and then Londo out and doesn’t manage to get out himself before the shield doors come down. Londo is rather touched by Lennier’s act, so he spends some time with the unconscious Lennier in medlab to show his gratitude. When he isn’t in medlab, he is trying to convince Sheridan that Narns are the culprits. G’Kar is trying to convince Garibaldi that the Centauri are responsible. The fact of the matter is, the bombs don’t seem to be political in nature, which makes it an even more difficult case to crack. They figure fear may be what the perpetrator is after, and Ivanova suggests they look for the same person at each of the bombing aftermaths. Garibaldi thinks this is impossible, too much footage and to difficult to give parameters to a computer, but Ivanova  gets Brother Theo and his monks to do this. Brother Theo and his people are successful (they are experts, after all), and see one person in all the footage: Robert Carlson. His last residence before Babylon 5 was the place where the bomb parts came from and they also had a rash of bombings. When Garibaldi and his people go to arrest Carlson, he sets of yet another bomb (number five or six by now, I think) and says he wants to talk with the Captain. Sheridan agrees, much to Garibaldi’s reluctance. Still, Sheridan has little choice when Carlson threatens to detonate the largest bomb yet. Garibaldi and his men can’t rush him, since Carlson is holding down a switch. Sheridan hides his comlink. Carlson is probably crazy, and certainly angry about a number of things that have happened: loosing his job, his wife leaving, loosing his apartment. No matter what Sheridan says, Carlson doesn’t seem to calm down or any inclination to be cooperative. However, Garibaldi hears through Sheridan’s comlink that this last bomb would be as bright as the sun. The other bombs weren’t nearly as big, but he figures as a maintainance worker he had access to the stations fusion reactor. Indeed, a bomb is found there, and Garibaldi’s people get rid of it just as Carlson realizes he is being listened in on and drops the trigger. When the station doesn’t explode, Sheridan knocks him out and gives Carlson to Garibaldi.

Meanwhile, during one of the later bombings, G’Kar was in an elevator and Londo was just telling G’Kar he would wait when a bomb goes off. Londo jumps in to save himself, leaving him trapped with G’Kar. G’Kar won’t lift a finger to help, even though the flames outside are suffocating them. G’Kar would rather see Londo dead. He can’t kill Londo without five hundred Narn being killed, but he finds it extremely amusing that he can get his wish just be doing nothing. Londo, on the other hand, isn’t amused. Too bad for G’Kar, the two are found before they die of suffocation.

Brother Theo, a believer in an unbelieving age.

Lennier has an annoying man to keep him company as he waits for Delenn’s return.

Londo tells Lennier bad Centauri jokes to thank him for saving his life. Too bad Lennier is in a coma.

Garibaldi consults with bombing expert Hiroshi.

“Not many fishes left in the sea/Not many fishes, just Londo and me.” G’Kar, I don’t think that is making Londo feel any better about you killing the both of you by doing nothing.

Robert Carlson, probably crazy, definately angry.

Sheridan doesn’t like Carlson very much. He probably can’t decide whether to be angry or afraid of the bomber.


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