Babylon 5: Passing Through Gethsemane

Lyta returns to the station from the Vorlon Homeworld. One of Brother Theo’s associates, a Brother Edward, has a series of strange things happen which points to a mysterious, dark past.

It is a nice way to start the episode with a chess match between Brother Theo and Sheridan, especially since we get to hear one of Delenn’s favorite phrases quoted by Brother Theo (“Faith Manages”) as he beats the Captain. We get introduced to Brother Edward, one of Brother Theo’s companions. He has an interesting exchange of religious ideas with Delenn and Lennier, where we learn some about their beliefs in souls and a bit about Valen and Brother Edward shares some of his feelings about Gethsemane. Unfortunately, strange things keep happening to Brother Edward. He finds a black rose in his bag, the words “Death walks among you” written on the wall in his room, hearing screaming, and horrific images in his mind he has never seen before. Worried, Brother Theo asks Garibaldi and Sheridan to investigate and find out the truth before Brother Edward does. Too bad they don’t. Brother Edward was once a man named Charlie, aka the Black Rose killer, who killed nine women before found, convicted, and personality wiped. Brother Edward is devastated, and goes off on his own. He encounters the families of the victims who have planned all of this, planting the black roses, putting screaming through the PA when he is alone and leaving messages in a substance that looks like blood for the first few minutes. They even went as far as to hire a Centauri telapath to help make Brother Edward remember. By the time Garibaldi and Sheridan have found Brother Edward, he is almost dead. Brother Theo remains with him for his last moments. Garibaldi finds the main perpetraitor, who doesn’t even try to deny what he did. Several weeks later, Sheridan is discussing with Brother Theo the line between justice and revenge the need to forgive, when he is surprised by the appearance of the new Brother Malcolm, Brother Edward’s murderer. Brother Theo asked for him specifically, and reminds Sheridan what he was saying about forgiveness.

Meanwhile, Lyta has returned from the Vorlon homeworld. She won’t say much about what happened. When Dr. Franklin later examines her, he finds seveal anomalies, but Lyta still won’t talk. What she does say is that she will be Kosh’s assistant from now on, and he will protect her from Psi Corps. When Londo tries to threaten her, she threatens back. As she says, she is no longer a member of Psi Corps so she doesn’t have to follow their rules. This actually comes in useful later, when she gets the information Sheridan and Garibaldi needs from the Centauri telepath. At the end, we learn that at least of some of Lyta’s new alterations include gills and some sort of ability to connect with Kosh.

Brother Theo enjoys beating Sheridan at Chess.

Guess whose back? Meet the new aid to Ambassador Kosh.

Brother Edward explains about the Garden of Gethsemane to Delenn and Lennier.

Brother Edward, Delenn, and Lennier enjoy their exchange of religions.

Brother Edward is very distressed to find what he once was.

This is one family member of the victims of the Black Rose Murderer.

Sheridan is surprised to see who the new Brother Malcolm is.

Looks like Lyta had some work done while she was on the Vorlon homeworld.


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