Babylon 5: Voices of Authority

Sheridan gets an unwelcome visitor in the form of a political officer. Ivanova works with Draal to find first ones. Important evidence is uncovered.

Sheridan and Delenn have made a decision. They need more help against the Shadows and the First Ones fought the Shadows. Although it is risky, they have decided to go find First Ones. Draal shows up, willing to help in this search. Sheridan agrees to go down to Epsilon 3 later.

Unfortunately, before he can leave, Sheridan finds out he has a new Political Officer – Julie Musante. He isn’t very happy about this. Not only does he disagree with her stance on things – redefining everything so there are no problems to him doesn’t help solve problems – but she seems very bent on frankly seducing him. The bedroom scene is rather funny with Sheridan finding various ways to say no, and Ivanova’s hologram showing up makes it even funnier.

So Ivanova gets saddled with going to look for First Ones. She amuses Draal, which is probably just as well. She finds signs of First ones at Sigma 957, which we saw back in Mind War. She also senses that they will return there soon. Then she almost gets pulled in by the Shadows. Then she sees the destruction of Earth Force One, and Clark planning the assassination. At least part of this is due to Ivanova’s telepathic abilities. She gets Draal to copy Clark’s conversation. (And it may be my imagination, but the person he is talking to sounds suspiciously like Mr. Morden, who seems to have been a busy guy around that time.)

Ivanova tells Sheridan that they have to move or they may miss the First Ones returning to Sigma 957. Sheridan can’t move with the Political Officer breathing down his neck, so he has Ivanova go out on the White Star. Meanwhile, Ivanova passed on the recording she got of Clark to Garibaldi, who will send it on to General Hague. Somewhat to Ivanova’s dismay, she dMarcus as her translator. I don’t think she knows exactly what to think of the ranger, since he has a very easy going personality. It doesn’t help that Ivanova doesn’t like waiting. So, after waiting forever, First Ones do show up. Ivanova asks for help in the war against the Shadows. After being forced to wait more, the reply is no. That isn’t good enough, so Ivanova goads the First Ones into helping by praising the virtues of the Vorlon, who apparently the don’t like very much.

Meanwhile, Zach has been assigned to assist Julie Musante. He is somewhat charmed by her, but also troubled by all the restrictions on freedom of speech and assembly and new powers of investigation the Night Watch are being granted. Garibaldi doesn’t like where Zach is going, and they have something of a falling out.

News about the possibility that President Clark had President Santiago is now out, causing a fair amount of commotion, though the command staff are hopeful this may be a turning point in the right direction with the truth out there. Due to this, Julia Musante is recalled home, and I don’t think anyone is really sad to see her go.

Finally, Zach isn’t the only one noticing odd things going on. G’Kar has as well, and first confronts Delenn and then Garibaldi about this. Neither can tell G’Kar anything, though Garibaldi does assure G’Kar that if he knew of anything that would help him or his people, he would tell him. So G’Kar decides maybe he can help them. The question is how. He comes up with the idea of loaning his copy of the Book of G’Quan to Garibalid . . . in the middle of the night. Garibaldi isn’t very enthusiastic.

Zach’s collar is making him uncomfortable. A sign that he doesn’t like being kept out by Garibaldi or that he doesn’t like where Night Watch is taking him?

Draal pays a visit.

Julie Musante, Sheridan’s new political officer – very persistent and persuasive. She will do whatever it takes to try and win over the Captain.

Ivanova gets ready to go First One hunting with Draal’s help.

Marcus seems to excel at getting on Ivanova’s nerves.

The walker at Sigma 957 – one of the First Ones. We met them way back in Mind War.

The way this First One communicates with lesser beings.

G’Kar loaning Garibaldi the book of G’Quan. Does anyone have a Narn-English dictionary?


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