Exogenesis and Messages from Earth

Yep you are seeing correctly, today for your pleasure I will cover two episodes.

Marcus convinces Franklin to go undercover with him when some of his contacts start acting strangely. Sheridan has Ivanova feel out David Corwin on joining their little conspiracy of light.

This is a nice small episode. Some nice character development for Marcus. Yeah, he knows how to be annoying to get what he wants. Basically, several of his contacts have gone missing. And when Marcus finds them, they don’t act like themselves and have little interest in their previous work with him. Garibaldi brushes Marcus off, but does suggest getting help from Dr. Franklin. Dr. Franklin meanwhile is investigating a mysterious death. Marcus snags Franklin while the good doctor is waiting for results regarding a foreign mass that was wrapped around the decease’s spinal column. They get captured by a group that has been infected by the aliens However, in the end they discover that these aliens are actually living memory. They chose those that would not be missed and with little to live for. The person Marcus was most concerned for, his friend Duncan, has the alien separate from him to prove the truth of his works.

Meanwhile, Corwin is made a full Lieutenant. Sheridan asks Ivanova to check him out for bringing into their group. Corwin thinks it is a date when he gets invited over to her place. He agonizes about bringing a gift and gets talked into buying fake roses, but Corwin can’t bring himself to admit they are from him and tells Ivanova that he just found them outside her door. Ivanova decides that Corwin is too by the book to join their group. She then figures that Marcus was the one who gave her the flowers and she gives him the roses.

Marcus checks on his friend, Duncan.

David Corwin, now Lieutenant who unfortunately doesn’t get out much.

Marcus and Franklin being held by those infected by the aliens.

Don’t tell, but Ivanova is a sucker for roses. Unless she thinks they’ve been sent by Marcus.

A woman on the run tells what happened five years ago on Mars and warns of danger on Ganymede. Sheridan and Delenn go to stop it only to encounter trouble from Earth in its most unwelcome form.

Marcus has to fight is way through down below with a woman in tow, Dr. Kirkish. The woman gets knocked out, but Marcus deals with the thugs. When she comes to, Marcus brings her to meet the command staff and the Minbari. She was on Mars working for Interplanetary Explorations on a dig that partially dug out a Shadow ship before another came for it. Everyone else on the team has been disappeared or died. Garibaldi found out about her and asked Marcus to bring her since this collaborates what he saw there with Sinclair. Dr. Kirkish then tells the worst news – Earth is digging a Shadow ship now on Ganymede. Sheridan decides to go stop them, leaving behind uniform and anything that would identify him. They get there in the White Star just as those on Ganymede send someone to merge with the Shadow ship – those ships use living beings as their CPU. The ship awakens and it is insane. The White Star fires at it, causing negligible damage, but angering the ship. It follows the White Star down into Jupiter’s atmosphere. The White Star is able to escape having less mass, but the Shadow ship is crushed. Just as the White Star is about to escape, an Earth Force ship appears, and not just any ship but Sheridan’s old command, the Agamemnon. Sheridan has the White Star get as close to the edge of Jupiter’s atmosphere as possible, and they make the first atmospheric jump ever recorded.

Meanwhile, back on station, Ivanova is frustrated that Sheridan went without taking her and blames Marcus. He manages to cheer her up. Too bad the next crisis arrives. Meanwhile, G’Kar starts writing his memoirs while incarcerated. And members of Nightwatch and Garibaldi’s crew are getting suspicious about the Captain. And getting ready to make arrests of those who are disloyal. This makes Zach even more uncomfortable than he already is.

Well, Sheridan’s group make it back in one piece when they get the news that the bomb has dropped. President Clark has declared Martial Law.

Marcus fighting of thugs. They don’t have a chance.

G’Kar’s new hobby – writing. Little does he know this work will become a bestseller.

Dr. Kirkish, an archaeologist who knows too much.

What Dr. Kirkish saw on Mars.

Sheridan, Lennier, and Delenn ready to take the White Star out to fight the Shadows. Notice the lack of uniform on Sheridan’s part.

Zach is more and more troubled by Nightwatch.

Marcus cheers Ivanova up. I sense a budding relationship:)


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