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Babylon 5 JMS Script Book 1

Yes, I am enough of a B5 fanatic to get all of these^^; So here are my impressions of the first script book. You don’t need me to tell you what episodes are featured or what extras there are. What you do need to know is that JMS details how he came up with the original concept and how he finally managed to get it picked up by a studio. It is a very gripping story full of drama and angst. He also comments on all the major characters and talks about Laurel Takashima being replaced with Susan Ivanova, Dr. Benjamin Kyle being replaced with Dr. Stephen Franklin, and Lyta Alexander being replaced with Talia Winters, and some of what that ment story wise. I wouldn’t suggest these volumes to those who don’t know the show or to casual fan, but to serious fans and those interested in writing your own TV show, they are must haves.


Babylon 5: Ceremonies of Light and Dark

Nightwatch members in hiding attempt to take over the station by holding Delenn hostageĀ  at a time when she is trying to have a ceremony on Babylon 5.

The command staff can’t reopen stellarcom until they reset the security passwords to the station, or Earth can lock them out. Garibaldi and Ivanova do so, successfully. Unfortunately, the station shutdown causes an artificial personality to resurface. And Garibaldi has to deal with it^^;

Sheridan refuses to wear his uniform anymore since they broke away. The one exception is the memorial service held for the fallen.

Londo has Lord Refa come visit him. The Centauri are currently fighting with all their neighbors. Refa sees this as a step on his way to becoming Emperor. Londo knows, however, that Refa is using the Shadows to further his ambition. Londo is still warry of the Shadows, so he blackmails Refa into getting the Centauri government to pull back and to break his ties with Mr. Morden as he did. As to how Londo acomplishes this, He poisons Refa. The poison has two parts, harmless while kept separate. If Refa doesn’t comply with Londo’s request, Londo will have the second half of the poison given to Refa.

There are still members of Nightwatch on station. A sniper seems particlulary anxious to get Sheridan, but his superior, Boggs, orders him not to take out Sheridan yet. Since it is the Minbari who are keeping Earth out, they will go after the Minbari.

Delenn, meanwhile, is trying to get everyone on the station together for a rebirth ceremony. No one seems to be very enthusiastic about this, with the exceptions of Lennier and maybe Sheridan. Marcus is particulary surprisingly reluctant to take part. When Delenn questions him as to why, Marcus says he already lost everything in the Shadow attack that killed his brother and destroyed his colony. Delenn says his guilt and pain is the thing he can give up as part of the rebirth ceremony.

Unfortunately, these plans are halted when Delenn is kidnapped along with a Minbari captain and one of his crew. She was going to give him a tour of the station. Too bad for sniper, Delenn gets on his nerves, but Boggs stops him. They need the hostages alive still. Except for the poor crew member. They send a message to Sheridan with this, and also warn they are monitoring communications and still have people in Nightwatch. Marcus is particularly upset, and runs off to get information through unofficial means.

After beating up everyone in downbelow, Marcus is found by Lennier. Marcus is surprised that Lenneir is still going through with preparations for the rebirth ceremony and at his lack of emotion. But this would be incorrect. As part of the rebirth ceremony, you have to tell something no one else knows. So Lennier tells Marcus that he is in love with Delenn. When some of Marcus’ victums wake up, he finally gets some useful information. Garibaldi has already figured that the Nightwatch guys are in grey sector, but that still leaves a lot of territory. Marcus has a level. When that level’s information is examined, Garibaldi finds a blocked off area that he never authorized though it has his name on it. Marcus also has the description of a security guy who moved some equipment to block scanners to that area.

This very same security guard calls Boggs and tells him the Minbari have left and have told Sheridan to not let anything happen to Delenn. Then there is a boom, and when Boggs investigates people say there is a reactor breach. So they grab the hostages and leave. Yep, it’s a trap set by Sheridan and Garibaldi. They manage to protect Delenn and the Minbari captain, but when sniper dude throws a knife at Sheridan, Delenn takes it in the back. To say that this upsets Sheridan would be an understatement.

Thankfully, Delenn will recover, but not before the time for the rebirth ceremony to be completed will be over. So Sheridan and his crew decide to take it to her. They all give up their Earth Force uniforms. For his secret, Sheridan tells Delenn that he loves her. For Garibaldi’s secret, he tells Delenn that he is afraid of what he would do if he ever lost complete control. Ivanova says that she loved Talia. And Franklin says that he has a problem. (Uh, yeah.) Delenn has a return gift for the command staff – spiffy new uniforms in black:)

Sheridan is targeted by Nightwatch.

The price of peace.

Lord Refa, I can’t say that I’m very surprised that Londo poisoned you.

Delenn is in danger!

Boggs and sniper dude don’t like Minbari very much.

Marcus isn’t happy.

Neither is Lennier.

New lives, new uniformes, new start.

Babylon 5: Point of No Return & Severed Dreams

Today for your pleasure, I have two episode summaries.

Point of No Return

President Clark declares martial law, and Night Watch prepares to take over the station. Londo recieves an important visitor.

Let’s start with Londo’s story. Vir is back again from Minbar, and Londo is telling him what to put in his report, and is in general making a nucience of himself. However, Londo is distracted by news that an important visitor is coming: Lady Morella, the third wife of the late Emperor Turhan, and a renouned profetess. Londo is worried about the future and wants her to see for him, which she eventually agrees to do. Londo has three chances left for redemption, he has already lost two. He save the eye (or is it I?) that does not see. He must not kill the one who is already dead. And in the end he must surrender himself to his greatest fear, knowing it will kill him and knowing that will be his last chance. The Lady Morella also says that becoming Emperor is not something Londo can escape from. And Vir will be Emperor as well. One will become Emperor when the other is dead. This puts Londo on edge until Vir leaves again for Minbar. Unfortunately, the Lady Morella’s visit is marred by problems among the humans, and Vir even gets injured protecting her when a fight breaks out.

Sheridan meanwhile, is getting no help from Earth. General Hague is being hunted down along with others being suspected of being disloyal. Many of the Senators are locked in their parlametary building. Sheridan is ordered to institute martial law on Babylon 5 – something he finds abhorrent. Even worse, only those in Nightwatch are allowed to still be in security. Garibaldi is furious with this and storms in and tries and fails to talk sense into that half of his people. Zach is quite uncomfortable about events, especially when Garibaldi comments that Zach may be glad of these events since this places him in charge (nomally at least – we know who would really be in charge under such an arrangement) of Security. Four of the ships with General Hague are destroyed, meaning a coup is unlikely. But looking over his last transmission with a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Sheridan realizes something – the orders about martial law and only Nightwatch in security came from the Ministry of Peace . . . which is not in the chain of command. G’Kar, who has been released earlier, promises help. Sheridan corners Zach. The next we see, Zach is telling the Nightwatch leader that Sheridan is shipping in Narns to take the place of Nightwatch. This gives the leader the reason he needs to act against Sheridan. Too bad for him it is a trap using Zach. And Sheridan really is going to use local Narn to replace the members of security who were members of Nightwatch. In return, G’Kar wants in on Sheridan’s conspiracy of light. Sheridan says he has to talk with the others first.

A head Nightwatch guy, and Zack is getting more and more uncomfortable.

Lady Morella, Centauri prophetess.

The Command Staff, ready to confront Nightwatch.

G’Kar, ready to be of service with his fellow Narns.

Londo and Vir, both future Emperors. Lady Morella has sure given them a lot to think about.

Severed Dreams

Sheridan faces off against the Earth Alliance, while Delenn faces a different type of battle with the Grey Counsel

Major Ryan on General Hague’s flag ship manages to escape and sets course for Babylon 5. We see the cost of this conflict, since Ryan knew the captain of the other ship he had to destroy to escape. When he arrives on Babylon 5, Sheridan explains in a moving speach about why he is welcoming this “renagade” ship. Unfortunately, Ryan has bad news: General Hague was killed during the fight that ended in their escape. More bad news follows. Mars breaks away from Earth because of the martial law order. Clark sends troops to Mars and they attack civilian locations. Proxima 3 and Io also break away in protest. ISN is shut down. Then Captain Hiroshi arrives with the last bit of bad news: Clark is sending troops to take over Babylon 5 and detain the command staff. This was before Ryan arrived there. Sheridan and his people decide to fight. Sheridan has a touching conversation with his father, with his father reminding him of the first lesson he taught him and encouraging his son do do what is right.

Meanwhile, a Ranger has come to Babylon 5 with a message for Delenn. The Shadows are now making themselves known to the Unallighned Worlds, offering support against Centauri agression. The Grey Counsel’s response is to ignore this. This is something Delenn cannot ignore, and she goes to see the Grey Counsel, whether they will see her or no. Her speach is full of passion, and she breaks the Grey Counsel, and calls on the Worker and Religious castes to follow her to act, even if the Warrior caste will not.

Sheridan declares Babylon 5 independent until President Clark is removed. Major Ryan and Captain Hiroshi are ready with Babylon 5 when the attack fleet arrives. Ivanova goes out with the star furies and ends up having to bail out. Captain Hiroshi’s ship is hit hard, and as a last act she has it ram into one of the enemy ships. Babylon 5 and Ryan’s ship take out the other large ships. Garibaldi and hsi men, meanwhile, go after landing parties. The Narns in particular are a little too eager. Just as it seems the coast is clear and right as our heroes have little left to give, another attack fleet comes. Then more ships arrive – the White Star and several Minbari cruisers. Delenn quickly manages to chase the enemy Earth ships away – she has one of the best lines ever for this part. We then see the price of victory.

Major Ryan suggests that Babylon 5 take on the fighters left from Hiroshi’s ship. Then he leaves to try and give Clark two targets to hit. Ivanova has sevral bumps and bruises, but otherwise is alright. Garibaldi is less lucky, having a broken leg. Unfortunately, you know Garibaldi is right when he says sabotage will be a problem for a while. Sheridan is very happy to great Delenn. He turns a handshake into a kiss on the hand^^; And people on Babylon 5 start cheering them.

Major Ryan arrives with bad news – General Hague is dead.

ISN being shut down.

Captain Hiroshi arrives with even more bad news – Clark has sent his forces to take over Babylon 5.

Sheridan realizing he has run out of room to manuver.

Delenn confronts the Grey Counsel.

Papa Sheridan, giving some last words of advice to his son before battle.

Garibaldi and his people getting ready to repel boarders.