Babylon 5 JMS Script Book 1

Yes, I am enough of a B5 fanatic to get all of these^^; So here are my impressions of the first script book. You don’t need me to tell you what episodes are featured or what extras there are. What you do need to know is that JMS details how he came up with the original concept and how he finally managed to get it picked up by a studio. It is a very gripping story full of drama and angst. He also comments on all the major characters and talks about Laurel Takashima being replaced with Susan Ivanova, Dr. Benjamin Kyle being replaced with Dr. Stephen Franklin, and Lyta Alexander being replaced with Talia Winters, and some of what that ment story wise. I wouldn’t suggest these volumes to those who don’t know the show or to casual fan, but to serious fans and those interested in writing your own TV show, they are must haves.


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