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Babylon 5: In the Beginning – the Novelization

This is my favorite of the movie novelizations. There are several reasons for this. We get some scenes that were not included in the movie, and beter yet, we get more of Londo’s naration and internal monologue, much of which is quite funny. It is also interesting that Londo still has a sense of humor, no matter how dry, in spite of where he is in hils life.


Babylon 5: Sic Transit Vir

Vir returns to Babylon 5 and is surprised to find he is engaged.  And Londo is surprised to find out what Vir has been doing on Minbar.

Ivanova has been having nightmares of ariving to work naked (don’t worry, we don’t actually see anything). Sheridan suggests that her subconcious is still dealing with all the changes that have recently taken place. Vir, meanwhile, is on Centauri Prime with his report. The official he talks to assures Vir that the new school is interested in hearing the truth, contrary to Londo’s opinion. The official then tells Vir a joke about being stuck in a room with a group of angry Narns. And guess who should be waiting for Vir in his quarters? A bunch of Narns.

Londo, meanwhile, seems to have an insect infestation in his quarters. His battle of the bugs, however, is interrupted by a visitor.

Vir arrives on Babylon 5, and is surprised when Londo isn’t there waiting for him. He goes to Londo’s quarters. After some small talk, Vir gets introduced to his fiance, Lyndesty. It seems their families hava arranged for them a marriage. Vir isn’t so sure about it, he wants to marry for love, but Lyndesty is persistant. She is georgeous, so Vir is soon attracted.

Meanwhile, Zach tells Ivanova about someone who has been transfering a lot of Narn under the name Abrahamo Lincolni. Ivanova calls Vir in. Vir tells her that he is transfering Narns off their homeworld to work camps where at least conditions are better. Since he doesn’t have the authority to do this, he made up the name. He then asks Ivanova for relationship advice, since to put it mildly he is unexperienced, which is quite a funny scene.

Sheridan, meanwhile, has decided to invite Delenn over for dinner since it is quiet, but who knows how long that will last. Unfortunately, Sheridan is no Garibaldi. In fact, Delenn lies about what she thinks of the meal^^; The meal, however, is interrupted when Vir and Lyndesty are attacked by a Narn. Sheridan is the nearest officer, and he draws the Narn’s attention until security gets there, though unfortunately the Narn forces them to kill him. Vir is as confused as everyone else as to why Narns would want to kill him. After all, he has been trying to help them.

Ivanova and Sheridan confront both Londo and Vir when they find out that all the Narn Vir has transfered have died. Only they aren’t dead. Vir used his authority to have all the Narn he transfered declared officially dead, since the Centauri don’t care about dead Narn. Londo is quite beside himself that Vir did this. This still doesn’t explain, though, why the Narn wanted to kill him. Lindesty finds Vir rather depressed. She has a surprise for Vir: the brother of the Narn who attacked them. It turns out these Narn were after her. Her father was incharge of passification on Narn. They would kill of agressive Narn, sometimes even whole villages. These two Narn brothers were from a village where this happened.

Londo has decided that what Vir did will never officially be known. Vir has been recalled to Babylon 5 for more training and also so Londo can keep an eye on him. As for Lyndesty, her family hasn’t called off the wedding, but they are reconsidering it. Lyndesty is recalled to Centauri Prime, but she promises to wait for Vir. As for Ivanova, she has decided to deal with the change by keeping up and adding to the Abrahamo Lincolni persona Vir created to help continue rescuing Narn.

Londo is victorious in fighting off a bug!

Meet Lyndesty, Vir’s fiance.

I hate to say it Sheridan, but I don’t think your cooking is the best and I fear Delenn agrees.

Vir is stronger than he looks. He felt he had do do something to help the Narn, and at the first oportunity that is exactly what he did.

Lyndesty, I don’t think that killing a Narn is exactly what Vir has in mind as a token of his affection.

The Minbari still vigilantelly protect the station.