Babylon 5: A Late Delivery from Avalon

A traveler arrives on the station claiming he is King Arthur and Dr. Franklin is determined to prove him wrong.

The main story focuses on the arrival of a man calling himself King Arthur. Security isn’t happy that he carries a sword, but Marcus takes him in hand. Dr. Franklin is intrigued by the idea of Arthur returning, but is rather skeptical at the same time. Arthur has no identification, but Earth Force personnel have their DNA recorded, so Franklin decides to check that. In the mean time, Arthur has escaped from Medlab. He runs into an elderly widow. Her only possession she still had from her husband was a picture of him, which was stolen by some thugs in downbelow. Arthur goes after the villain. When Arthur is outnumbered, G’Kar joins in the fight and enjoys himself imensely. Because of his intervention, Arthur knights G’Kar as the first member of his new round table. Marcus eventually finds them, and convinces Arthur to come back with him to Medlab.

It turns out it is probably a good thing he did. Arthur has been having disturbing dreams. Not surprising actually. Franklin finds out that Arthur is really David McIntyre, who fired the first shot on the Prometheus that started the Earth-Minbari War. Subconciously, he has been trying to atone ever since, finally thinking he is Arthur and trying to find someone to give back Excalabur back to. When Franklin tells Marcus this, Marcus thinks they should never tell David the truth. Franklin disagrees. Unfortunately, when Franklin confronts David, David ends up going into a mental shock. Franklin and Marcus eventually come up with the idea of getting Delenn to take back Excalabur. Once this is done, David is healed mentally and emotionally, and decides to go to Narn to help the Narn resistance. Franklin sees him off, though Marcus doesn’t since he hates goodbyes. Marcus playfully starts comparing everyone on Babylon 5 to someone in Arthurean legend. Kosh is Merlin. Sheridan is Arthur. Delenn is the Lady of the Lake. Ivanova is Persavil. Franklin is Bedevere. And Morden is Mordred. But as Marcus asks, who is Morgana La Fey? That is telling.

Meanwhile, Sheridan and Ivanova are busy trying to get Babylon 5 up and running again. They present a plan to the League of Non-Alligned Worlds. Enough accept the plan to make it viable.

Garibaldi faces his greatest foe yet: the Earth Alliance post office. The mail guy won’t give Garibaldi is package unless Garibaldi pays a fee that is three times what it was before the station broke away from Earth. Not even trying to break in works. So Garibaldi ends up paying the new price for his package . . . and charges the mail guy an amount equal to the extra amount for rent.

Meet Arthur, king of the Britons.

Dr. Franklin is intreagued but sceptical of Arthur’s claims.

The knighting of Sir G’Kar, first of the knights of the new round table.

Franklin finds the truth about Arthur.

Markus doesn’t want Arthur to know the truth.


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