Babylon 5: Ship of Tears

Bester comes to Babyon 5 with an offer. G’Kar is formally introduced into the army of light.

ISN comes back on. At first the command staff is optimistic, but when ISN is clearly telling Clark’s lies, their hopes are dashed. Meanwhile, Sheridan is busy getting checked out on a new moddle starfurry (one of Hoshi’s remaning crew?) that is atmosphere capable when he gets a distress call. It is Mr. Bester. He wants to talk. Sheridan eventually agrees, and sends Ivanova in. She can’t stop a telepathic scan, but she can sense one. He will assume Bester is worth listening to if he doesn’t scan her. After mentioning her mother and thus angering her, Bester then tells Ivanova there is a new power controling Clark and it is alien in nature. This conflicts with Bester’s plans. This new enemy is the Shadows. And he knows where a ship will be that has supplies for them.  And Bester has to go along since they will never find the ship without him. Hyperspace enhances telepathic ability. Sheridan eventually agrees to this. He takes the White Star out (with Bester drooling the whole time). They find the ship and take out the Shaddow fighters arround it. They capture the ship when a Shaddow vessel shows up. It then leaves.

Back on the station, Franklin takes the pilot, who committed suicide, to perform an autopsy. Garibaldi’s people burn through to the cargo hold and find tons of people in cryogenic suspension. They also all have the Psi Corps symbol on the outside of their containers. Weapons supplies indeed. Sheridan is not happy. Franklin is examining one, when she wakes up. He sedates her and brings a bracelet. It is one worn by those telepaths who are being rehabilitated. But when Bester sees the bracelet, he recognizes the number and insists on going to Medlab. Which is just as well, since by then, the patient has woken up again and connected to all the machinery in Medlab 1. Bester recognizes her as Carolyn and she begs him to help her, but keeps firing at them. Garibaldi eventually realizes the Psi Corps symbol is the trigger. Franklin manages to get close enough to sedate her, but not before she shows Bester what happened to her.

Sheridan, understandably, wants answers. Bester says Carolyn is a rogue telepath who was captured who he fell in love with. She is even carrying her child. He did all he could to help her. But he couldn’t get her released. As for what happened since, she with the other telepaths were captured to be used as the CPU of the Shadow ships. Franklin doesn’t know if they can help these telepaths. Bester says if they can, he will do anything.

Meanwhile, G’Kar has had enough. He wants into the army of light, and he wants it now. Sheridn really can’t deny him after all he did, and Delenn agrees so she tells G’Kar everything, including the fact that her people knew about the Shadows and said nothing. G’Kar agrees it was the only choice they could make, but still isn’t quite ready to forgive. He is, however, ready to be formally introduced into the army of light and the new war room.

Garibaldi has been busy reading the Book of G’Quan. He fnds passages that lead him to believe the last Narn telepaths drove the Shadows from Narn a thousand years ago, and everything that happened with Bester this time seems to confirm it. After all, if telepaths can block Shadow ships, the best response is to put telepaths in the ships. Sheridan is happy to hear he has a weapon. And it is none too soon, since the Shadows are now openly attacking Brakiri space.

Bester just wants to talk, promise.


Ship of tears indeed.


Delenn tells G’Kar the truth.


Carolyn in the machine.


Your enemy is now my enemy.



2 comments so far

  1. Chris on

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into this great b5 resource, looking at all these pics and reading your words brought it all back.

  2. bergsmassivet on

    Excellent episode and an absolutely brilliant tv-series. Let’s hope for more some lost tales and novels.

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