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War Without End I & II

Babylon 5 recieves a mysterious distress call from the future. Ambassador Sinclair returns to the station. To save the future, our heroes must go into the past.

Ambassador Sinclair receives a letter from a thousand years in the past. All Ratheen, Sinclair’s Minbari friend and member of the Grey Counsel, is that they were told to open the letter on this particular day. After reading the letter, Sinclair prepares to go to Babylon 5. On Babyon 5, Delenn also receives a letter.

On Babylon 5, Ivanova recieves a distress call. The thing is, it is from herself eight days in the future. The signal is coming from sector 14, where Babylon 4 disappeared. Garibaldi goes out to investigate. Activity is noted down on Epsion 3.

Meanwhile, Sinclair arrives on station. Delenn goes to Sheridan and insists on going to the White Star right then where she has something important to reveal, in spite of the situation or rather because of the situation going on. Sheridan eventually agrees. Sheridan, Ivanova, Delenn, Sinclair, and Marcus go to the White Star. When there, Delenn explains how in the last war against the Shadow’s her people’s base of opperations was destroyed. Then a replacement appeared. It was Babylon 4. As to why she said nothing, at first Delenn did not know, and after she found the connection she was afraid of changing the past or future. Sinclair is sceptical. Sinclair believes completely. As Delenn argues, without Babylon 4, the Shadows would have remained much stronger, which would cause problems in the present. Then right before Babylon 4 was to become opperational, right before disappearing, smaller Shadow ships, knowing what Babylon 4 was, came with a bomb do destroy the station. Finally, Drall is using the Great Machine to open the rift in sector 14. But the White Star prevented it. Sheridan checks with Garibaldi. Garibaldi has not only heard but seen the message. In eight days, the Shadows attack and destroy Babylon 5, apparently destroying Sheridan and the White Star first, leaving Ivanova in charge on board while Garibaldi set the reactor to blow. As Delenn’s way is the only thing they can think of to do, they set off to go get Babylon 4. First, they pick up someone: Za’thras. Remembering his encounter with him earlier, Sinclair tells Za’thras to be careful what he says. Za’thras also seems to have lots of other things he isn’t supposed to say^^; Sheridan sends Garibaldi back to Babylon 5 giving no indication Sinclair is with him. When Garibaldi gets back, he is a bit confused as to why Sinclair would be there but say nothing to him. But when he gets to his quarters he finds a message from Sinclair . . .

Zathras prepares the White Star and her crew with time stabilizers to go into the time rift. Then into the rift, the White Star goes. They arrive at the right time: the shadow ships are bringing in the bomb. They manage to take out the ships, being small ones, and the bomb, but they are too close when the bomb goes off and have to run. Sheridan’s time stabilizer is hit and he becomes unstuck in time. Sinclair takes charge and continues the mission. They use the disruption the bomb caused to grapple onto the side of the station and get inside.

Twenty years in the future, Sheridan lands in Londo’s court. And Londo is not very happy with him, much to the present Sheridan’s confusion.

Ambassador Sinclair receives a message from the past.


A voice of warning from the future.


The three who are one.


The return of Za’thras.


Like it or not, Sheridan is taking a solo trip through time.


Emperor Londo twenty years into the future.


Sinclair leads the efforts to bring Babylon 4 back in time while Sheridan is stuck twenty years in the future.

Twenty years into the future, Sheridan is Londo’s prisoner. Why? Apparently Sheridan defeated the Shadows, but not their allies, who devastated Centauri Prime. Londo has Seridan taken away, promising to kill him when next they meet. Sheridan keeps going to different times, which gives Za’thras an idea when he sees it.

Meanwhile, our heroes are on Babylon 4. Marcus and Ivanova are sent to find a way to get at the station’s wiring so they can cause an evacuation of a main cooridor so they can get the equipment for time travel set up. They get caught, but Marcus isn’t caught off guard and he and Ivanova take care of the situation.

Back in the future, Sheridan is placed in a cell. Delenn is put in there as well and she gives him a very enthusiastic greeting, promising she said nothing to the Centauri and that their son is safe. Sheridan explains how he is really from the past. Delenn says how they won, but not completely, but to not give into the Shadows for that would create a worse future. Also, they have a son: David. Then they are summoned by Londo. Londo is drunk. Purposfully. He has a Keeper on him which has been controling him. It wants Sheridan and Delenn dead, but the drink puts it to sleep for a little. For their freedom, Londo wants them to free his world. They go to a shuttle he has hidden near by. After they leave, G’Kar comes out. Londo wants G’Kar to kill him, since his Keeper is waking and will tell the others, who will kill Sheridan and Delenn before they can get away. G’Kar complies, but then the Keeper wakes and forces Londo to strangle G’Kar. They both die. Vir comes in and picks up the Emperor’s seal. Sheridan goes through time again, but not before Delenn tells him not to go to Za’ha’dum.

Ivanova and Marcus are a bit skeptical of Za’thras attaching a time stabilizer to a space suit, but it works. Lo and behold, Sheridan appears there. Sinclair is ready to go outside in his own suit to set up the time travel system. When they do, the station accidentally goes forward in time to when it reappeared back in Babylon Squared. And Sheridan is unstuck in time. And Sinclair has aged.

Za’thras is going to try to fix the time stabilizer again, and Ivanova helps him find a work area. That is when Za’thras gets captured by Major Krantz, head of Babylon 4. Then things happen exactly as what we see from Bablyon Squared, except this time we see what really happens. Ivanova is the one who causes the full evacuation of Babylon 4. Delenn is the one Za’thras was reaching for and the one he gives the time stabilizer to, as she somehow switched time stabilizers with Sheridan who has now reappered. Yes, it was her in the suit. And now we know exactly why Sinclair tries to tell the Michael Garibaldi of the past to watch his back. Final adjustments are made to run the time system from Babylon 4’s C&C. However, someone has to ride it to the past. Sinclair insists on doing so. Jumping forward in time has already aged him, going to the present probably would kill him. Also, he knows he went into the past as he was the one who wrote the notes to himself and Delenn from a thousand years ago. Before Sheridan and Delenn leave for the White Star, Za’thras explains to them and Sinclair about the three who are one and who are the One: Sincliar is the One who was, Delenn the One who is, and Sheridan is to his surprise the One who will be. Za’thras goes with Sinclair into the past.

As the White Star exists the time rift, Drall closes it, never to be opened again. And another door is closed: the door between humans and Minbari for souls. As Delenn says, the Minbari of a thousand years ago would never have accepted Babylon 4 from a human. Sinclair uses the crystalis during his travel a thousand years into the past to become Minbari. When Za’thras leads warrior caste Minbari to him, he calls himself Valen and there are two Vorlon . . .

Za’thras have idea. Maybe idea not work, but Za’thras try anyway.


Breaking into Babylon 4 is hard to do.


First kiss for Sheridan, millionth for Delenn.


G’Kar and Londo’s predicted future, though not for the reason you would think.


Babylon 4: into the past.


Becoming Valen.


A thousand years ago . . .



Babylon 5 Quote Book

I have spent years compiling quotes from Babylon 5 (still working on it in fact). And now the B5 script team has beat me to the punch and published one theirselves. Sigh. Still, this quoe book is worth having. It is divided by various subjects (faith and hope, politics, war, power, and funny stuff) and various characters (Sheridan, Sinclair, Ivanova, Delenn, G’Kar, Londo, you get the idea). And added to this, we get the Great Maker’s comentary on each subject area at the begining. A must for any hardcore B5 fan.

Babylon 5: Interludes and Examinations

Well, here we are, back again, this time with an actual episode summary. Before we start, next week is going to be crazy, so I can’t promise anything.

The Shadows begin attacking openly. Sheridan pressures Kosh to act at a great cost. Dr. Franklin comes to a realization.

Franklin nearly makes a fatal mistake in medlab. Garibaldi sees this and other erratic behavior and tries to get Franklin to talk about it. Franklin refuses. Garibaldi goes to Dr. Hobbs, but she refuses to do anything without proper authorization. Garibaldi goes into Franklin’s office to get the proof he needs, but stops at the last moment. Franklin has seen all of this. If Franklin won’t admit to the truth at some level, anything Garibaldi does won’t matter. Franklin tested himself and he can’t lie to himself anymore – he is addicted to stims. As for what’s next, Garibaldi tells Franklin it’s his move. Franklin resigns and goes off to try and work everything out before he does hurt or kill someone by accident.

Adira is finally returning to Babylon 5 and Londo is estatic. He has Vir run around preparing everything. Morden sees this, but when he confronts Vir the Centauri is very closed mouth. So Morden corners the merchant Vir was talking with. When Adira’s ship arrives, she doesn’t come off with everyone else. She is dead. Londo is devastated. He does self possession long enough to ask Dr. Hobbs to test for poison. The tests come back positive. Londo meets with Mr. Morden and reopens their alliance. Morden makes it sound like Lord Refa had Adira poisoned. Londo doesn’t care much what happens any more.

The Shadows are now attacking openly. The Brakiri are under attack, but Sheridan can’t get anyone to do anything to help. After talking with Delenn, Sheridan decides to get Kosh to help. As Sheridan explains to Kosh, the Vorlon are one of the oldest races and if they stepped in it could very well bring everyone together. Kosh refuses. Sheridan won’t back down and makes Kosh angry, but as he says Kosh put it him in this possition and he has nothing to lose. Kosh finally agrees, but says he won’t be there when Sheridan goes to Za’ha’dum. The Vorlon do indeed engage the Shadow fleet and score a victory. The other races are now much more willing to join together to fight the Shadows. That night, Sheridan has a dream of his father apoligizing to him, saying he was right and he will always be with him. Sheridan wakes up and knows Kosh is dead. Morden found out about what happened to the Shadow fleet and in retaliation his associates killed Kosh. What is left of Kosh’s encounter suit is put on his ship and sent into the sun.

Franklin tells Garibaldi he realizes the truth – he is addicted to stims.


Sheridan confronts Kosh.


Not even Vir can comfort Londo at Adira’s death.


Morden watches Kosh’s demise.


Sheridan knows what happened to Kosh.


The Chronologies of Babylon 5

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a script, but it is still very cool and I just finished it. It contains two timelines made by two different people. The first is quite detailed, the second not so much. Both pull together events not only from the series and the movies (including the Lost Tales), but the novels, short stories, comics, and posts by JMS. Each entry includes references. A must have for any die hard fan.