Babylon 5: Interludes and Examinations

Well, here we are, back again, this time with an actual episode summary. Before we start, next week is going to be crazy, so I can’t promise anything.

The Shadows begin attacking openly. Sheridan pressures Kosh to act at a great cost. Dr. Franklin comes to a realization.

Franklin nearly makes a fatal mistake in medlab. Garibaldi sees this and other erratic behavior and tries to get Franklin to talk about it. Franklin refuses. Garibaldi goes to Dr. Hobbs, but she refuses to do anything without proper authorization. Garibaldi goes into Franklin’s office to get the proof he needs, but stops at the last moment. Franklin has seen all of this. If Franklin won’t admit to the truth at some level, anything Garibaldi does won’t matter. Franklin tested himself and he can’t lie to himself anymore – he is addicted to stims. As for what’s next, Garibaldi tells Franklin it’s his move. Franklin resigns and goes off to try and work everything out before he does hurt or kill someone by accident.

Adira is finally returning to Babylon 5 and Londo is estatic. He has Vir run around preparing everything. Morden sees this, but when he confronts Vir the Centauri is very closed mouth. So Morden corners the merchant Vir was talking with. When Adira’s ship arrives, she doesn’t come off with everyone else. She is dead. Londo is devastated. He does self possession long enough to ask Dr. Hobbs to test for poison. The tests come back positive. Londo meets with Mr. Morden and reopens their alliance. Morden makes it sound like Lord Refa had Adira poisoned. Londo doesn’t care much what happens any more.

The Shadows are now attacking openly. The Brakiri are under attack, but Sheridan can’t get anyone to do anything to help. After talking with Delenn, Sheridan decides to get Kosh to help. As Sheridan explains to Kosh, the Vorlon are one of the oldest races and if they stepped in it could very well bring everyone together. Kosh refuses. Sheridan won’t back down and makes Kosh angry, but as he says Kosh put it him in this possition and he has nothing to lose. Kosh finally agrees, but says he won’t be there when Sheridan goes to Za’ha’dum. The Vorlon do indeed engage the Shadow fleet and score a victory. The other races are now much more willing to join together to fight the Shadows. That night, Sheridan has a dream of his father apoligizing to him, saying he was right and he will always be with him. Sheridan wakes up and knows Kosh is dead. Morden found out about what happened to the Shadow fleet and in retaliation his associates killed Kosh. What is left of Kosh’s encounter suit is put on his ship and sent into the sun.

Franklin tells Garibaldi he realizes the truth – he is addicted to stims.


Sheridan confronts Kosh.


Not even Vir can comfort Londo at Adira’s death.


Morden watches Kosh’s demise.


Sheridan knows what happened to Kosh.



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