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Babylon 5 JMS Script Book #3

So this script book commences season two. This in and of itself is of note, but Michael O’Hare who played Commander Sinclair left. JMS discusses this departure and casting Bruce Boxliner as the new Captain Sheridan and how he integrated Sheridan into the cast and the story – starting with one character, Ivanova, who already knew and liked Sheridan. Because of the roles Boxliner had previously played, JMS had to start at one point with the character and gradually move him over into a more serious role – that eventually includes going against his own government. He also talks about another new character, the starfury pilot Warren Keffer how he came to be and why JMS never liked the character (the actor was fine). All of this casting gives us some insight into some of the politics that go on behind the scenes between those who make shows and the powers that be. We have a number of excellent episodes included in this volume, from the introductory “Points of departure” to the sad and amusing “Acts of Sacrifice”. Once again, memos are included that detail script ideas. Some were discarded, some were used but rearranged or went in a different direction. And I agree with JMS, an episode with the alien ambassadors as the command staff and the command staff as the ambassadors would have rocked!


Babylon 5 JMS Script Book #2

I know, I haven’t been here for a while. <ducks behind Garibaldi for protection> Things have been rather busy, and my computer, well it’s almost three years old now so while I can easily watch B5 like normal on a DVD player, screenshots are another matter and my computer no longer seems to like DVDs very much. I’m working on a solution for this. In the mean time, here are a few thoughts on the second JMS script book.

This book finishes up season one script wise, which include some very powerful episodes: Signs and Portents, A Voice in the Wilderness, Babylon Squared, and Crystalis, among others. Besides these gems from the B5 universe, JMS gives us the story of the carpet that shows us his method of story telling. In the back, we get notes and memos which describes minor characters, some of which were never used or used less than JMS was hoping and episode concepts. It is particularly interesting to see the ones that didn’t get made, and the ones that did get made but in a very different form than originally envisioned. As always JMS has commentary on all of the episodes, including Claudia Christensen being stuck in a star furry during an earthquake . . .

A must have for fans.